Researcher interests: Geographical and environmental patterns and processes of land cover changes in light of human and climate induced changes, using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools; statistical analyses and modeling. Aeolian processes, biodiversity and conservation planning over spatial scales, local to global. Maps; exploring new methods to analyze spatial information from historical maps, GIS layers, aerial photographs and satellite images.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
Contact Business Development: Anna Pellivert

Selected Publications

cristina garilao, kristin kaschner, Noam Levin, lucia moralesbarquero, ruben venegasli, Salit Kark
global assessment of marine biodiversity potentially threatened by offshore hydrocarbon activities (2019)| Global Change Biology| Read more
david crandall, Noam Levin, saleem ali, Salit Kark
world heritage in danger big data and remote sensing can help protect sites in conflict zones (2019)| Global Environmental Change-human and Policy Dimensions| Read more
ben moore, clive mcalpine, huiying, leonie seabrook, Noam Levin
mapping foliar nutrition using worldview 3 and worldview 2 to assess koala habitat suitability (2019)| Remote Sensing| Read more
adi sharabinov, aviad pato, galit eisenberg, gideon gross, hadas weinsteinmarom, Noam Levin, michal besser, michal lotem, nofar shmuel, orit itzhaki, tamar peretz
combined expression of genetic adjuvants via mrna electroporation exerts multiple immunostimulatory effects on antitumor t cells (2019)| Journal of Immunotherapy| Read more
aviad pato, galit eisenberg, gideon gross, hadas weinsteinmarom, Noam Levin, michal besser, michal lotem, orit itzhaki, tamar peretz
potent activation of human t cells by mrna encoding constitutively active cd40 (2018)| Journal of Immunology| Read more
gilad weil, itamar lensky, Noam Levin, yehezkel resheff
using near surface observations for optimizing the timing of overhead image acquisition for applied mapping of woody vegetation species (2018)| IGARSS 2018 - 2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium| Read more
david crandall, Noam Levin, saleem ali
utilizing remote sensing and big data to quantify conflict intensity the arab spring as a case study (2018)| Applied Geography| Read more
Noam Levin, roberto danovaro, Salit Kark
adding the third dimension to marine conservation (2018)| Conservation Letters| Read more
joseph maina, Noam Levin, maria beger, mcclanahan, Salit Kark
evaluating the potential for transboundary management of marine biodiversity in the western indian ocean (2018)| Australasian Journal of Environmental Management| Read more
david pargament, gad schaffer, hila achisar, israel tauber, keren klass, Noam Levin, Yael Mandelik, michelle portman, nir orion, noa steiner, orna reismanberman, ronit justohanani, Uriel Safriel, Salit Kark, TAMAR DAYAN, uri shanas, william sutherland, yael gavrieli
priority questions and horizon scanning for conservation a comparative study (2016)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Eran Brokovich, Noam Levin, Salit Kark, tessa mazor
conservation challenges in the face of new hydrocarbon discoveries in the mediterranean sea ()| | Read more

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