Researcher interests: The cellular and molecular mechanisms of somatosensation and nociception, with an emphasis on neuropathic and inflammatory pain.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

matan geron, Avi Priel, yossi maatuf
the role of toxins in the pursuit for novel analgesics (2019)| Toxins| Read more
jose faraldogomez, matan geron, Avi Priel, Rakesh Kumar, valeria vasquez, wenchang zhou
trpv1 pore turret dictates distinct dktx and capsaicin gating (2018)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
Adina Hazan, alona epshtein, daria baer, eleonor rachi, helen guez, laura khalifamalka, limor landsman, lina sakhneny, michal lisnyansky, miguel weil, Avi Priel, shane waldaltman
pancreatic pericytes support beta cell function in a tcf7l2 dependent manner (2017)| Diabetes| Read more
Adina Hazan, matan geron, Avi Priel
animal toxins providing insights into trpv1 activation mechanism (2017)| Toxins| Read more
adi drori, alina nemirovski, anna permyakova, asaad gammal, gil leibowitz, liad hinden, matan geron, Merav Cohen, Yaakov Nahmias, Avi Priel, Rivka Hadar, sabina tsytkinkirschenzweig, saja baraghithy, shiran udi, Joseph Tam, Yael Riahi
modulation of renal glut2 by the cannabinoid 1 receptor implications for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy (2017)| Journal of The American Society of Nephrology| Read more
gilad noy, Avi Priel, Rakesh Kumar, Dmitry Tsvelikhovsky, yelena mostinski
tricyclic spirolactones as modular trpv1 synthetic agonists (2017)| ACS Chemical Neuroscience| Read more
Adi Lahiani, Gadi Cohen, galit gincberg, Henry Matzner, Philip Lazarovici, matan geron, Avi Priel, Rakesh Kumar
protein toxins of the echis coloratus viper venom directly activate trpv1 (2017)| Biochimica et Biophysica Acta| Read more
Adina Hazan, Henry Matzner, lital livni, matan geron, Avi Priel, Rakesh Kumar, rebbeca steinberg
activation of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 by lipoxygenase metabolites depends on pkc phosphorylation (2017)| The FASEB Journal| Read more
Adina Hazan, matan geron, Avi Priel
controllable ion channel expression through inducible transient transfection (2017)| Journal of Visualized Experiments| Read more
juan lerma, Avi Priel, sanja selak, Yael Stern-Bach, yael sternbach
block of kainate receptor desensitization uncovers a key trafficking checkpoint (2006)| Neuron| Read more
the stoichiometry and activation mechanism of trpv1 by vanilloids ()| Biophysical Journal| Read more

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