Researcher interests: The vomeronasal system. Neuronal processing of chemosensory signals. Social and reproductive behaviors in mice.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

amnon dafni, asmahan abusnieneh, Yoram Ben-Shaul, david fleck, Karen Marom, marc spehr, noa horesh, rachel paul, yoram benshaul
the vomeronasal system can learn novel stimulus response pairings (2019)| Cell Reports| Read more
Yoram Ben-Shaul, david fleck, julia mohrhardt, marc spehr, maximilian nagel, yoram benshaul
signal detection and coding in the accessory olfactory system (2018)| Chemical Senses| Read more
anat kahan, Yoram Ben-Shaul, michal yolesfrenkel, yoram benshaul
temporal response properties of accessory olfactory bulb neurons limitations and opportunities for decoding (2018)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
Yoram Ben-Shaul, marc spehr, maximilian nagel, pavel stopka, rohini bansal, tali kimchi, yoram benshaul
the semiochemical repertoire of wild versus inbred mice (2018)| Chemical Senses| Read more
Yoram Ben-Shaul, yoram benshaul
optimouse a comprehensive open source program for reliable detection and analysis of mouse body and nose positions (2017)| BMC Biology| Read more
Yoram Ben-Shaul, michal yolesfrenkel, noa horesh, oksana cohen, rohini bansal, yoram benshaul
in vivo stimulus presentation to the mouse vomeronasal system surgery experiment setup and software (2017)| Journal of Neuroscience Methods| Read more
Yoram Ben-Shaul, yoram benshaul
labeled as innate but not innately labeled (2017)| Neuron| Read more

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