Researcher interests: Theory of the multinational corporation. Geographic and organizational boundaries of the firm. Technological innovation and internationalization; knowledge transfer costs; R&D internationalization. Growth patterns of of small high technology firms. Internationalization, product diversification and performance.
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Selected Publications

internalization choices under competition a game theoretic approach (2019)| Global Strategy Journal| Read more
Niron Hashai, ivo zander
the evolution of vertical boundaries in new high technology ventures (2018)| Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal| Read more
technological progress and the future of the corporation (2018)| Journal of the British Academy| Read more
when multinationals choose locations consumers and competitors matter (2016)| | Read more
the impact of competition and consumer preferences on the location choices of multinational enterprises (2015)| Global Strategy Journal| Read more
Niron Hashai, ivo zander
the origins and development of oganizational knowledge implications for product scope expansion in new ventures (2015)| 6th ISC Conference, December 20-22, Jerusalem.| Read more
knowledge flows and the modelling of the multinational enterprise (2007)| Journal of International Business Studies| Read more
effect of open skies in the middle east region (2005)| Transportation Research Part A-policy and Practice| Read more

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