Researcher interests: Bridging the management of technology literature and constructivist insti- tutional perspectives to examine how new meanings about technology emerge. Symbolic value creation. The production of symbols and cultural goods. Sociology of fashion. Management fashions. Knowledge transfer in mergers and acquisitions. Minority entrepreneurship. Content analysis methods.
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Selected Publications

Micki Eisenman, Srikanth Paruchuri
inventor knowledge recombination behaviors in a pharmaceutical merger the role of intra firm networks (2019)| Long Range Planning| Read more
a multimodal investigation of the institutionalization of aesthetic design as a dimension of competition in the pc industry (2017)| | Read more
understanding aesthetic innovation in the context of technological evolution (2013)| Academy of Management Review| Read more
Micki Eisenman, Srikanth Paruchuri
microfoundations of firm r d capabilities a study of inventor networks in a merger (2012)| Journal of Management Studies| Read more
Micki Eisenman, melissa cardon, myungsoo lee, rachel shinnar, virginia solis zuiker
immigrant and us born mexican owned businesses motivations and management (2009)| Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship| Read more
Micki Eisenman, eric abrahamson
employee management techniques transient fads or trending fashions (2008)| Administrative Science Quarterly| Read more
Micki Eisenman, lois shelton, sharon danes
role demands difficulty in managing work family conflict and minority entrepreneurs (2008)| Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship| Read more
edward rogoff, Micki Eisenman, melissa cardon, rachel shinnar
segmenting the population of entrepreneurs a cluster analysis study (2008)| Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship| Read more
cultivating taste constructing the importance of product aesthetics in technological industries (2007)| Academy of Management Proceedings| Read more
Micki Eisenman, Michal Frenkel, Varda Wasserman
toward a theory of effective aesthetic communication ()| Academy of Management Proceedings| Read more

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