Academic staff
Researcher interests: Emotion regulation; emotion, motivation, and behavior. Individual differences in emotion and information processing.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
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Selected Publications

allon vishkin, Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom, miriam korenman, paz bennun, pazit bennun bloom, Maya Tamir
religion and anti immigration sentiments in context field studies in jerusalem (2019)| International Journal for the Psychology of Religion| Read more
allon vishkin, Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom, pazit bennun bloom, Maya Tamir
always look on the bright side of life religiosity emotion regulation and well being in a jewish and christian sample (2019)| Journal of Happiness Studies| Read more
Halperin Eran, roni porat, Maya Tamir, yochanan bigman, yossi hasson
when there s a will there s a way disentangling the effects of goals and means in emotion regulation (2019)| Journal of Personality and Social Psychology| Read more
elise kalokerinos, gal sheppes, peter kuppens, Maya Tamir, yael millgram
do the ends dictate the means in emotion regulation (2019)| Journal of Experimental Psychology: General| Read more
avital lampert, Jonathan Huppert, jutta joormann, Maya Tamir, yael millgram
motivations to experience happiness or sadness in depression temporal stability and implications for coping with stress (2019)| Clinical psychological science| Read more
liat netzer, min young kim, nevin solak, Maya Tamir, tony gutentag
evaluations of emotions distinguishing between affective behavioral and cognitive components (2018)| Personality and Individual Differences| Read more
Noam Shoval, Maya Tamir, yonatan schvimer
tracking technologies and urban analysis adding the emotional dimension (2018)| Cities| Read more
Noam Shoval, Maya Tamir, yonatan schvimer
real time measurement of tourists objective and subjective emotions in time and space (2018)| Journal of Travel Research| Read more
comment on jamieson hangen lee and yaeager what should we regulate to promote adaptive functioning and how ()| Emotion Review| Read more
beliefs about emotion implications for avoidance based emotion regulation and psychological health ()| Cognition & Emotion| Read more
motivated emotion and the rally around the flag effect liberals are motivated to feel collective angst like conservatives when faced with existential threat ()| Cognition & Emotion| Read more

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