Academic staff
Researcher interests: Skill acquisition - theory and applications. Perception and cognition. Psychological phenomena and their underlying physiological mechanisms.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
Contact Business Development: Mel Larrosa

Selected Publications

Merav Ahissar, hilla jakoby, itay lieder, Ofri Raviv, sagi jaffedax
auditory frequency discrimination is correlated with linguistic skills but its training does not improve them or other pitch discrimination tasks (2019)| Journal of Experimental Psychology: General| Read more
Merav Ahissar, frenkel, itay lieder, maneesh sahani, sagi jaffedax, vincent adam
perceptual bias reveals slow updating in autism and fast forgetting in dyslexia (2019)| Nature Neuroscience| Read more
Merav Ahissar, sagi jaffedax
101 dyslexics statistical inference is impaired due to fast decay of implicit memory (2018)| Biological Psychiatry| Read more
Merav Ahissar, karen banai
poor sensitivity to sound statistics impairs the acquisition of speech categories in dyslexia (2018)| Language, cognition and neuroscience| Read more
Merav Ahissar, eva kimel, sagi jaffedax
shorter cortical adaptation in dyslexia is broadly distributed in the superior temporal lobe and includes the primary auditory cortex (2018)| eLife| Read more
Merav Ahissar, luba daikhin, sagi jaffedax
dyslexia a failure in attaining expert level reading due to poor formation of auditory predictions (2018)| | Read more
Merav Ahissar, eva kimel, sagi jaffedax
widespread shorter cortical adaptation in dyslexia (2017)| bioRxiv| Read more
Merav Ahissar, luba daikhin, Ofri Raviv
auditory stimulus processing and task learning are adequate in dyslexia but benefits from regularities are reduced (2017)| Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research| Read more
modelling the dynamics of integrating context into perception in good and in poor readers ()| Cognitive Science| Read more
in search for the relevant space of implicit memory deficit in dyslexia ()| conference cognitive science| Read more

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