Researcher interests: Functional ecology of food-web dynamics, especially ecological and evolutionary aspects of predator-prey interactions, stress ecology, inducible defenses, above-below ground interactions, ecological-traps, nutritional ecology, individual syndrome, ecology and evolution of conspicuous anti-predator colors and patterns, herpetology and especially lizard ecology, desert ecology, ecosystem conservation and restoration.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Aspen Reese, Dror Hawlena, Mark A. Bradford, Michael S. Strickland
Trophic cascade alters ecosystem carbon exchange (2013)| PNAS| Read more
Dror Hawlena, Mark A. Bradford, Michael S. Strickland, Oswald J. Schmitz
Fear of Predation Slows Plant-Litter Decomposition (2012)| SCIENCE| Read more
Dror Hawlena, Kathy M. Hughes, Oswald J. Schmitz
Trophic trait plasticity in response to changes in resource availability and predation risk (2011)| British Ecological Society| Read more

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