Researcher interests: Functional ecology of food-web dynamics, especially ecological and evolutionary aspects of predator-prey interactions, stress ecology, inducible defenses, above-below ground interactions, ecological-traps, nutritional ecology, individual syndrome, ecology and evolution of conspicuous anti-predator colors and patterns, herpetology and especially lizard ecology, desert ecology, ecosystem conservation and restoration.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

david butler, didzis elferts, giedrius trakimas, Dror Hawlena, indrikis krams, jorge contrerasgarduno, markus rantala, priit joers, raine kortet, ronalds krams, sarah eichler inwood, severi luoto, shahi haque, tatjana krama
ecological stoichiometry a link between developmental speed and physiological stress in an omnivorous insect (2019)| Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience| Read more
cody barnes, Dror Hawlena, shawn wilder
predators buffer the effects of variation in prey nutrient content for nutrient deposition (2019)| Oikos| Read more
cody barnes, Dror Hawlena, shawn wilder
predicting predator nutrient intake from prey body contents (2019)| Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution| Read more
Dror Hawlena, michael kalyuzhny, tom haran
the observation resolution a neglected aspect with critical influence on movement based foraging indices (2018)| arXiv: Quantitative Methods| Read more
cody barnes, Dror Hawlena, marshall mccue, shawn wilder
consequences of prey exoskeleton content for predator feeding and digestion black widow predation on larval versus adult mealworm beetles (2018)| Oecologia| Read more
Dror Hawlena, moshe zaguri, yaara zohar
considerations used by desert isopods to assess scorpion predation risk (2018)| The American Naturalist| Read more
Dror Hawlena, michael kalyuzhny, topaz halperin
how to use and not to use movement based indices for quantifying foraging behaviour (2017)| Methods in Ecology and Evolution| Read more
Liran Carmel, Dror Hawlena, topaz halperin
movement correlates of lizards dorsal pigmentation patterns (2017)| Functional Ecology| Read more
Dror Hawlena, moshe zaguri
fear and below ground food webs (2016)| Soil Biology & Biochemistry| Read more
alexander silberman, Dror Hawlena, william cooper
foraging by the omnivorous lizard podarcis lilfordi effects of nectivory in an ancestrally insectivorous active forager (2014)| Journal of Herpetology| Read more

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