Researcher interests: Floral Biology and differentiation, growth regulation, anthocyanine and fruit development and orchard development of olives and grapevines: Breeding and genetics of olive for table consumption and oil. Metabolic models via tissue culture.
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Selected Publications

amnon haberman, chen adler, fernando pliegoalfaro, giora benari, jose mercado, judith paltiel, Shimon Lavee, ortal bakhshian, Alon Samach, sergio cerezomedina
a possible role for flowering locus t encoding genes in interpreting environmental and internal cues affecting olive olea europaea l flower induction olive flowering (2017)| Plant Cell and Environment| Read more
avidan, benari, biton, Shimon Lavee, many, shemer, vaknin
the olive cultivar picual is an optimal pollen donor for barnea ()| Scientia Horticulturae| Read more
benjamin avidan, giora benari, Iris Biton, Shimon Lavee, yair mani
the diversity in performance of commercial olive clones selected from the autochthonous cv souri population for intensive irrigated cultivation ()| Hortscience| Read more
Arnon Dag, guy harlev, isaac zipori, Zohar Kerem, Shimon Lavee
optimizing olive harvest time under hot climatic conditions of jordan valley israel ()| European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology| Read more
benyamin avidan, giora benari, Shimon Lavee
trends in breeding new olive varieties in israel for quality and economic management ()| Agricultural sciences| Read more
Yona Chen, eli ashkenazi, Shimon Lavee, yoav avni
fruit trees survival ability in an arid desert environment without irrigation in the negev highlands of southern israel ()| Israel Journal of Plant Sciences| Read more
benjamin avidan, giora benari, Iris Biton, Shimon Lavee, oren ostersetzer, Sofia Shevtsov, yair mani
genetic relationships and hybrid vigour in olive olea europaea l by microsatellites ()| Plant Breeding| Read more
ada rosen, adi doronfaigenboim, amir sherman, benjamin avidan, giora benari, Iris Biton, Shimon Lavee, mahital jamwal, ravit eshed, ron ophir, yair mani
development of a large set of snp markers for assessing phylogenetic relationships between the olive cultivars composing the israeli olive germplasm collection ()| Molecular Breeding| Read more
evaluation of the need and present potential of olive breeding indicating the nature of the available genetic resources involved ()| Scientia Horticulturae| Read more

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