Researcher interests: Assembly and degradation processes in chloroplasts of higher plants. Proteolysis in chloroplasts.
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Selected Publications

Zach Adam, Bastian Schmidt, Boril Boyanov, Juliane Kley, Leah Naveh, Michael Ehrmann, Peggy C Stolt-Bergner, Rebecca Kirk, Ronit R Knopf, Tim Clausen
Structural adaptation of the plant protease Deg1 to repair photosystem II during light exposure (2011)| Nature| Read more
The thylakoid protease Deg1 is involved in photosystem‐II assembly in Arabidopsis thaliana (2010)| the Plant Journal| Read more
Zach Adam, Einat Kapri-Pardes, Leah Naveh
The Thylakoid Lumen Protease Deg1 Is Involved in the Repair of Photosystem II from Photoinhibition in Arabidopsis (2007)| ASPB| Read more

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