Researcher interests: Microbial cell-cell interactions. Biological control of plant pathogens. Mechanism of bacterial stress responses.
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Selected Publications

Yael Helman, Leonid Chernin
Silencing the mob: disrupting quorum sensing as a means to fight plant disease (2014)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Efrat Hagai, Einat Zelinger, Yael Helman, Reut Dvora, Stefan Schulz, Tal Havkin-Blank, Ziv Porat
Surface-motility induction, attraction and hitchhiking between bacterial species promote dispersal on solid surfaces (2013)| The Isme Journal| Read more
Yael Helman, Saul Burdman, Yaacov Okon
Plant Growth Promotion by Rhizosphere Bacteria Through Direct Effects (2011)| Springer Link | Read more

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