Researcher interests: Institutional change in agriculture in former socialist countries in Europe and Central Asia, including land reform, farm restructuring and the creation of service cooperatives
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Selected Publications

Zvi Lerman, Natalya Shagaida, vasily uzun
russian agriculture growth and institutional challenges (2019)| Land Use Policy| Read more
david sedik, Zvi Lerman
transition to smallholder agriculture in central asia (2018)| Journal of Agrarian Change| Read more
krylatykh, Zvi Lerman, strokov, uzun
round table assessment of structural changes in agriculture methodological approaches and estimated results (2018)| Russian Peasant Studies| Read more
Zvi Lerman, Natalya Shagaida
land policy in russia new challenges (2017)| | Read more
Zvi Lerman, vasiliy uzun
outcomes of agrarian reform in russia (2017)| | Read more
ivan stanchin, Zvi Lerman
wheat production in turkmenistan reality and expectations (2017)| | Read more
privatisation and changing farm structure in the commonwealth of independent states (2017)| | Read more
alfons balmann, attila jambor, csaba csaki, daan boezeman, david sedik, franziska schaft, grace villamor, heinrich hockmann, johan swinnen, karin kataria, kateryna goychuk, Ayal Kimhi, kristine van herck, kristof van assche, leonid krasnozhon, Zvi Lerman, liesbet vranken, liesbeth dries, mariusz rybak, martin petrick, nodir djanibekov, ramona teuber, sandro steinbach, thomas glauben, thomas herzfeld, ulrich koester, utkur djanibekov, vasilii uzun, william meyers, yoav kislev
agricultural transition in post soviet europe and central asia after 25 years international workshop in honor of professor zvi lerman (2015)| Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Transition Economies| Read more

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