Researcher interests: Institutional change in agriculture in former socialist countries in Europe and Central Asia, including land reform, farm restructuring and the creation of service cooperatives
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Selected Publications

Zvi Lerman, renata yanbykh, valeriy saraikin
cooperative tradition in russia a revival of agricultural service cooperatives (2019)| Post-communist Economies| Read more
Zvi Lerman, Natalya Shagaida, vasily uzun
russian agriculture growth and institutional challenges (2019)| Land Use Policy| Read more
david sedik, Zvi Lerman
transition to smallholder agriculture in central asia (2018)| Journal of Agrarian Change| Read more
a s strokov, e n krylatykh, Zvi Lerman, v ya uzun
round table assessment of structural changes in agriculture methodological approaches and estimated results (2018)| Russian Peasant Studies| Read more
david sedik, Zvi Lerman, natalia shagaida, r yanbykh, v uzun
agricultural and rural policies in russia (2018)| | Read more
ivan stanchin, Zvi Lerman
wheat production in turkmenistan reality and expectations (2017)| | Read more
privatisation and changing farm structure in the commonwealth of independent states (2017)| | Read more
Zvi Lerman, Natalya Shagaida
land policy in russia new challenges (2017)| | Read more
Zvi Lerman, vasiliy uzun
outcomes of agrarian reform in russia (2017)| | Read more

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