Researcher interests: Comparative politics; public administration and public policy; technology and politics; the politics and management of computing and innovation in public organizations.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

Arnon Afek, barak gordon, dorit tzur, eran pras, estela derazne, gilad twig, ifat sher, Alon Peled, ygal rotenstreich
myopia and childhood migration a study of 607 862 adolescents (2019)| Ophthalmology| Read more
Arnon Afek, barak gordon, doraid matani, ehud grossman, estela derazne, gilad twig, Alon Peled
hypertension and childhood migration a nationwide study of 2 7 million adolescents (2019)| Journal of Hypertension| Read more
Arnon Afek, barak gordon, estela derazne, gilad twig, itamar raz, joseph mendlovic, michal lisnyansky, Alon Peled
immigration to israel during childhood is associated with diabetes at adolescence a study of 2 7 million adolescents (2017)| Diabetologia| Read more
Alon Peled, steven karas
advanced computer implementation for crawling and or detecting related electronically catalogued data using improved metadata processing (2016)| | Read more
coerce consent and coax a review of u s congressional efforts to improve federal counterterrorism information sharing (2016)| Terrorism and Political Violence| Read more
jennifer shkabatur, Alon Peled
sustaining the open government data movement worldwide insights from developing countries (2016)| 2016 Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM)| Read more
jennifer shkabatur, Karine Nahon, Alon Peled
ogd heartbeat cities commitment to open data (2015)| JeDEM: eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government| Read more
wazing the information super highway linking the world s open government data resources (2015)| JeDEM: eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government| Read more
practical authority agency and institutional change in brazilian water politics (2015)| Public Administration| Read more
Karine Nahon, Alon Peled
towards open data for political accountability examining the us and uk models (2015)| | Read more

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