Researcher interests: Structures and intermolecular interactions of biomolecular self-assemblies. Study of supramolecular self-assembled structures of biomolecules and their intermolecular interactions, using x-ray scattering and diffraction in solutions combined with electron microscopy. Structure-function relations of proteins; protein-peptides and protein-lipid complexes and understanding how the presence or absence of chemical energy affects the structure and interactions of the complexes.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

A. Ginsburg, P. Székely, Uri Raviv, T. Ben-Nun
X+: a comprehensive computationally accelerated structure analysis tool for solution X-ray scattering from supramolecular self-assemblies (2010)| JAC| Read more
Anna Kogan, Deborah E. Shalev, Uri Raviv
Formation and Characterization of Ordered Bicontinuous Microemulsions (2009)| ACS publications| Read more
Jean-François Gohy, Nir Kampf, Uri Raviv, Suzanne Giasson
Normal and Frictional Forces between Surfaces Bearing Polyelectrolyte Brushes (2008)| ACS publications| Read more

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