Researcher interests: Cold excitonic quantum fluids. Nonlinear nano-photonics and nano-plasmonics; nanophotonics and quantum fluids research. Polariton physics in electron-doped microcavities. Optical properties of various nanostructures and on excitons in semiconductor nanostructures. Study of the electromagnetic behavior of collective, surface electronic excitations on nano-patterned metal surfaces; how they can be coupled in a controlled fashion to nano-emitters. Fabrication of nanocrystals-polymer hybrid optical planar devices; fabrication of subwavelength metal plasmon devices.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Andreas Tittl, Moshe G. Harats, Ramon Walter, Ronen Rapaport
Quantitative Angle-Resolved Small-Spot Reflectance Measurements on Plasmonic Perfect Absorbers: Impedance Matching and Disorder Effects (2014)| ACS publications| Read more
Boris Laikhtman, Kobi Cohen, Ronen Rapaport, Yehiel Shilo
Particle correlations and evidence for dark state condensation in a cold dipolar exciton fluid (2013)| Cornell University Library| Read more
Adiel Zimran, Gang Chen, Ilai Schwarz, Moshe G. Harats, Ronen Rapaport, Uri Banin
Enhancement of two photon processes in quantum dots embedded in subwavelength metallic gratings (2011)| OSA publishing| Read more

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