Researcher interests: Nutritional neuroscience. Cerebral blood flow and metabolism in age-associated cognitive decline. Nutritional prevention of cerebrovascular disease and dementia. Folate, vitamin B12 and one-carbon metabolism. Food folate fortification: risks and benefits for target and vulnerable populations. Gene-nutrient interactions in one-carbon metabolism and healthy aging. Near infrared spectroscopy. Brain microvascular plasticity angiogenesis and disease. Iodine deficiency disorders. Cognition and micronutrient fortification policy in Israel.
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Selected Publications

dana philip, danit shahar, ghada baransi, Aron Troen
food aid quality correlates positively with diet quality of food pantry users in the leket israel food bank collaborative (2018)| Frontiers in Nutrition| Read more
atticus hainsworth, bjorn nitzsche, catriona cunningham, chad farris, elizabeth head, gary rosenberg, jeremy isaacs, johannes boltze, julie rutten, mark moss, masafumi ihara, melita salkovicpetrisic, raj kalaria, saskia lesnik oberstein, stuart allan, Aron Troen
translational models for vascular cognitive impairment a review including larger species (2017)| BMC Medicine| Read more
tirhas gebretsadikan, Aron Troen
progress and challenges in eliminating iodine deficiency in ethiopia a systematic review (2016)| BMC Nutrition| Read more
dorit aharoni, dov gefel, shlomo fytlovich, svetlana turkot, Aron Troen, yaniv ovadia
can desalinated seawater contribute to iodine deficiency disorders an observation and hypothesis (2016)| Public Health Nutrition| Read more
merav reisman, Alon Samach, sarit anavi, Oren Tirosh, Aron Troen, yael tal
the neuroprotective properties of a novel variety of passion fruit (2016)| Journal of Functional Foods| Read more
jacob selhub, Aron Troen
sulfur amino acids and atherosclerosis a role for excess dietary methionine (2016)| Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences| Read more
assaf buch, chaoqiang lai, dana philip, Denish Moorthy, irwin rosenberg, jacob selhub, jose ordovas, katherine tucker, laurence parnell, tammy scott, Aron Troen
dihydrofolate reductase 19 bp deletion polymorphism modifies the association of folate status with memory in a cross sectional multi ethnic study of adults (2015)| The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition| Read more
dorit aharoni, dov gefel, shlomo fytlovich, svetlana turkot, Aron Troen, yaniv ovadia
elevated serum thyroglobulin and low iodine intake are associated with nontoxic nodular goiter among adults living near the eastern mediterranean coast (2014)| Journal of Thyroid Research| Read more
can near infrared spectroscopy be used for early detection and diagnosis of brain microvascular disease (2013)| Alzheimers & Dementia| Read more
Angelo Sassaroli, Bertan Hallacoglu, elizabeth guerreroberroa, irwin rosenberg, merav shaul, Michael Wysocki, michal schnaider beeri, Sergio Fantini, Aron Troen, vahram haroutunian
absolute measurement of cerebral optical coefficients hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation in old and young adults with near infrared spectroscopy (2012)| Journal of Biomedical Optics| Read more

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