Researcher interests: Nutritional neuroscience. Cerebral blood flow and metabolism in age-associated cognitive decline. Nutritional prevention of cerebrovascular disease and dementia. Folate, vitamin B12 and one-carbon metabolism. Food folate fortification: risks and benefits for target and vulnerable populations. Gene-nutrient interactions in one-carbon metabolism and healthy aging. Near infrared spectroscopy. Brain microvascular plasticity angiogenesis and disease. Iodine deficiency disorders. Cognition and micronutrient fortification policy in Israel.
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Selected Publications

adam m brickman, alex m helman, alifiya kapasi, allyson rosen, anders wallin, angela l jefferson, anne m murray, aron m troen, athene lee, atticus h hainsworth, brandy l callahan, brittani r price, c elizabeth shaaban, cheryl l wellington, david barton, deborah gustafson, donna m wilcock, douglas l rosene, emanuele brai, geert jan biessels, gene l bowman, hanneke f m rhodiusmeester, heather m snyder, heejoon bae, henrieta scholtzova, isabelle bos, jacqueline a rondeau, jay c kwon, jeremy d isaacs, jessica alber, joanne m bell, julie a schneider, juraj kukolja, kathleen m hayden, katie e osborn, laurel a beckett, melinda c power, narlon c boa sorte silva, prashanthi vemuri, rebecca f gottesman, roderick a corriveau, samuel n lockhart, sandra e black, sara e berman, sharon x xie, silke kern, silvia fossati, sterling c johnson, susanne j van veluw, suvarna alladi, timothy m hughes, Aron Troen, vladimir hachinski, walter swardfager
white matter hyperintensities in vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia vcid knowledge gaps and opportunities (2019)| Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions| Read more
aron m troen, dana philip, danit r shahar, ghada baransi, Aron Troen
food aid quality correlates positively with diet quality of food pantry users in the leket israel food bank collaborative (2018)| Frontiers in Nutrition| Read more
aron m troen, atticus h hainsworth, bjorn nitzsche, catriona j cunningham, chad farris, elizabeth head, gary a rosenberg, jeremy d isaacs, johannes boltze, julie w rutten, mark b moss, masafumi ihara, melita salkovicpetrisic, raj n kalaria, saskia a j lesnik oberstein, stuart m allan, Aron Troen
translational models for vascular cognitive impairment a review including larger species (2017)| BMC Medicine| Read more
aron m troen, michal schnaider beeri, roni lotan, Aron Troen
the role of advanced glycation end products in cognitive decline and dementia (2017)| | Read more
aron m troen, dov gefel, hadassah brik, jonathan e arbelle, michael b zimmermann, sandra hunziker, tamar wolf, Aron Troen, varda nadler, yaniv s ovadia
first israeli national iodine survey demonstrates iodine deficiency among school aged children and pregnant women (2017)| Thyroid| Read more
aron m troen, dana philip, smadar hodovadia, Aron Troen
a technical and policy case study of large scale rescue and redistribution of perishable foods by the leket israel food bank (2017)| Food and Nutrition Bulletin| Read more
aron m troen, tirhas m gebretsadikan, Aron Troen
progress and challenges in eliminating iodine deficiency in ethiopia a systematic review (2016)| BMC Nutrition| Read more
aron m troen, dorit aharoni, dov gefel, shlomo fytlovich, svetlana turkot, Aron Troen, yaniv s ovadia
can desalinated seawater contribute to iodine deficiency disorders an observation and hypothesis (2016)| Public Health Nutrition| Read more
aron m troen, jacob selhub, Aron Troen
sulfur amino acids and atherosclerosis a role for excess dietary methionine (2016)| Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences| Read more
aron m troen, assaf buch, chaoqiang lai, dana philip, Denish Moorthy, irwin h rosenberg, jacob selhub, jose m ordovas, katherine l tucker, laurence d parnell, tammy scott, Aron Troen
dihydrofolate reductase 19 bp deletion polymorphism modifies the association of folate status with memory in a cross sectional multi ethnic study of adults (2015)| The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition| Read more

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