Researcher interests: Nanostructures: the study of assembly, deployment and control of their chemical composition. Development of assembly approaches for large-scale nanostructure arrays with controlled density, alignment and building block chemical composition.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

amir ziv, avra tzaguy, david seidman, emmanuel stratakis, george kenanakis, george schatz, lincoln james lauhon, Shira Yochelis, Roie Yerushalmi , yossi paltiel, zhiyuan sun
broad band high gain room temperature photodetectors using semiconductor metal nanofloret hybrids with wide plasmonic response (2019)| Nanoscale| Read more
gianaurelio cuniberti, rafael gutierrez, Roie Yerushalmi , Shlomo Yitzchaik
diversification of device platforms by molecular layers hybrid sensing platforms monolayer doping and modeling (2018)| Langmuir| Read more
david seidman, lincoln james lauhon, Ori Hazut, Roie Yerushalmi , zhiyuan sun
criteria and considerations for preparing atom probe tomography specimens of nanomaterials utilizing an encapsulation methodology (2018)| Ultramicroscopy| Read more
avra tzaguy, david seidman, lincoln james lauhon, Ori Hazut, Roie Yerushalmi , zhiyuan sun
1 d metal nanobead arrays within encapsulated nanowires via a red ox induced dewetting mechanism study by atom probe tomography (2017)| Nano Letters| Read more
Ori Hazut, Roie Yerushalmi
direct dopant patterning by a remote monolayer doping enabled by a monolayer fragmentation study (2017)| Langmuir| Read more
amir ziv, avra tzaguy, Ori Hazut, Shira Yochelis, Roie Yerushalmi , yossi paltiel
self formed nanogap junctions for electronic detection and characterization of molecules and quantum dots (2017)| RSC Advances| Read more
chao huang, chiaseng chang, david seidman, lincoln james lauhon, Ori Hazut, ping chiu, Roie Yerushalmi , zhiyuan sun
dopant diffusion and activation in silicon nanowires fabricated by ex situ doping a correlative study via atom probe tomography and scanning tunneling spectroscopy (2016)| Nano Letters| Read more
debabrata sarkar, kroger, Ori Hazut, sharon waichman, sthitaprajna dash, teresa roncalherrero, Thangavel Subramani, Roie Yerushalmi
semiconductor metal nanofloret hybrid structures by self processing synthesis (2016)| Journal of the American Chemical Society| Read more
binyamin adler berke, debabrata sarkar, dereje taffa, Niv Kaynan, Sergey Ishchuk, tatyana bendikov, Roie Yerushalmi
oxygen deficient titania with adjustable band positions and defects molecular layer deposition of hybrid organic inorganic thin films as precursors for enhanced photocatalysis (2016)| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
binyamin adler berke, Niv Kaynan, Ori Hazut, Roie Yerushalmi
sustainable photocatalytic production of hydrogen peroxide from water and molecular oxygen ()| Journal of Materials Chemistry| Read more

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