Researcher interests: Pain is a major unmet medical need that has reached pandemic scale, causing extensive personal suffering and costing hundreds of billions of dollars every year in medical expenses and lost productivity. Lack of adequate understanding of the mechanisms of pain prevents the development of more effective therapies. Although it is essentially a sensation, pain has strong cognitive and emotional components that all together make pain thrilling multidimensional physiological phenomenon. As such, comprehension of pain mechanisms, in addition to obvious clinical implications, provides a unique window of insight into complex functions of the peripheral and central nervous system.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

almudena inigoportugues, Ben Katz, Alexander Binshtok, Omer Barkai, robert goldstein, Shaya Lev
location and plasticity of the sodium spike initiation zone in nociceptive terminals in vivo (2019)| Neuron| Read more
Ben Katz, ben title, Alexander Binshtok, howard gutstein, luba eliberchoer, Omer Barkai, Shaya Lev, stephanie puig
platelet derived growth factor activates nociceptive neurons by inhibiting m current and contributes to inflammatory pain (2019)| Pain| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, Ben Katz, Alexander Binshtok, Zvika Granot, janna michaeli, Rotem Karni, leonor cohendaniel, lola polyansky, maya gershkovitz, merav shaul, Ronit Vogt Sionov, saleh khawaled, Yoav Shaul, Shaya Lev, tanya fainsodlevi, Yaki Caspi, yasuo mori, zvi fridlender
trpm2 mediates neutrophil killing of disseminated tumor cells (2018)| Cancer Research| Read more
andreas leffler, Alexander Binshtok, mirjam eberhardt, Shaya Lev, thomas stueber, Yaki Caspi
differential cytotoxicity and intracellular calcium signalling following activation of the calcium permeable ion channels trpv1 and trpa1 (2017)| Cell Calcium| Read more
Ben Katz, Alexander Binshtok, robert goldstein, Shaya Lev
ultrafast optical recording reveals distinct capsaicin induced ion dynamics along single nociceptive neurite terminals in vitro (2017)| Journal of Biomedical Optics| Read more
Ben Katz, Alexander Binshtok, Omer Barkai, robert goldstein, Shaya Lev, Yaki Caspi
the role of kv7 m potassium channels in controlling ectopic firing in nociceptors (2017)| Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
Alexander Binshtok, charles mckenna, dmitriy sheyn, doron cohn yakubovich, eran yalon, Gadi Pelled, galen cookwiens, Dan Gazit, gil navon, Shaya Lev, shuting sun, uzi eliav, yeshai schary, zulma gazit
teriparatide attenuates scarring around murine cranial bone allograft via modulation of angiogenesis (2017)| Bone| Read more
arik tzour, Alexander Binshtok, hodaya leibovich, Omer Barkai, Shaya Lev, Yoel Yaari, yoav biala
kv 7 m channels as targets for lipopolysaccharide induced inflammatory neuronal hyperexcitability (2017)| The Journal of Physiology| Read more
Alexander Binshtok, dimitri fishman, israel sekler, iulia nita, michal hersfinkel, Sagi Gudes, Shaya Lev, Yaki Caspi
privileged crosstalk between trpv1 channels and mitochondrial calcium shuttling machinery controls nociception (2016)| Biochimica et Biophysica Acta| Read more
andreas leffler, annette jangra, Alexander Binshtok, carsten stoetzer, christoph hadamitzky, felicia dick, katrin kistner, mirjam eberhardt, peter reeh, stefan schenk, thomas stueber
quaternary lidocaine derivative qx 314 activates and permeates human trpv1 and trpa1 to produce inhibition of sodium channels and cytotoxicity (2016)| Anesthesiology| Read more

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