Researcher interests: Molecular components of peripheral and cental synapses in the nervous system, with their structural organization and roles in synaptic signaling. Mechanisms of regulation of the synaptic components in the mature functional synapse and during synapse formation in development or regeneration. Acetylcholinesterase in neuromuscular junctions and cholinergic neuronal synapses. The termination of synaptic transmission.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

Alex Etlin, Lili Anglister, Eran Finkel, Aharon Lev-Tov, Meir Cherniak, Yoav Mor
Neuroanatomical basis for cholinergic modulation of locomotor networks by sacral relay neurons with ascending lumbar projections (2014)| JCN | Read more
Alex Etlin, Lili Anglister, Eran Finkel, Aharon Lev-Tov, Michael J. O'Donovan, Yoav Mor
Characterization of Sacral Interneurons That Mediate Activation of Locomotor Pattern Generators by Sacrocaudal Afferent Input (2013)| JNeurosci| Read more
Andrea R. Durrant, Lili Anglister, Liliya Tamayev
Serum cholinesterases are differentially regulated in normal and dystrophin-deficient mutant mice (2012)| NCBI| Read more

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