Researcher interests: Antigenic analysis of parasites. Host response. Parasite genetics. Ancient DNA. Bacteria isolates from amber. Genomics of the actinobacteria. Bacteria in bioremediation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

bayan mashahreh, Tomer Ravid, tommer ravid, Reuven Wiener, yuval reiss
assays for dissecting the in vitro enzymatic activity of yeast ubc7 (2019)| | Read more
adi biram, atif ahmed siddiqui, bar lampert, Ehud Cohen, danielle grushko, Filipa Carvalhal Marques, hana achache, hana boocholez, Lorna Moll, michal bejeranosagie, noa roitenberg, Tomer Ravid, tayir elami, tommer ravid, Yonatan Tzur, Yuli Volovik
the insulin igf signaling cascade modulates sumoylation to regulate aging and proteostasis in caenorhabditis elegans (2018)| eLife| Read more
charisma enam, Tomer Ravid, richard gardner, tommer ravid, yifat geffen
protein quality control degradation in the nucleus (2018)| Annual Review of Biochemistry| Read more
Nir Friedman, jenia gutin, maya schuldiner, meytal radzinski, nadav shai, Yaakov Nahmias, Ohad Yogev, Tomer Ravid, Dana Reichmann, rosi fassler, sabina tsytkinkirschenzweig, sidra ilyas, tommer ravid, William Breuer, yifat geffen
temporal profiling of redox dependent heterogeneity in single cells (2018)| eLife| Read more
Tomer Ravid, richard gardner, tommer ravid
from precise slicing to general shredding the ubiquitin ligase ubr1 roqs as a multipurpose protein terminator (2018)| Molecular Cell| Read more
alon appleboim, Tomer Ravid, richard gardner, tommer ravid, yifat geffen
integrated proteogenomic approach for identifying degradation motifs in eukaryotic cells (2018)| | Read more
annika weber, ernst jarosch, gunnar dittmar, itamar cohen, oliver popp, Tomer Ravid, thomas sommer, tommer ravid, yuval reiss
sequential poly ubiquitylation by specialized conjugating enzymes expands the versatility of a quality control ubiquitin ligase (2016)| Molecular Cell| Read more
alon appleboim, Nir Friedman, Tomer Ravid, richard gardner, ronen sadeh, tommer ravid, yifat geffen
mapping the landscape of a eukaryotic degronome (2016)| Molecular Cell| Read more
Michael Brandeis, Drora Zenvirth, itamar cohen, Julia Sajman, kobi simpsonlavy, Hanah Margalit, Mor Nitzan, Tomer Ravid, tommer ravid, yuval reiss
degradation of ndd1 by apc c cdh1 generates a feed forward loop that times mitotic protein accumulation (2015)| Nature Communications| Read more
itamar cohen, Tomer Ravid, tommer ravid, Reuven Wiener, yuval reiss
distinct activation of an e2 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme by its cognate e3 ligases (2015)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
amit shahar, avraham benvenisty, ayelet arbeleden, Carmit Strauss, Michal Goldberg, hadas masury, ittai benporath, maya kornowski, Tomer Ravid, tommer ravid
the dna2 nuclease helicase is an estrogen dependent gene mutated in breast and ovarian cancers (2014)| Oncotarget| Read more

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