Researcher interests: Aging regulating signaling pathways, in particular the Insulin/IGF pathway. Molecular and cell biology of the aging process. Mechanistic links that couple aging and toxic protein aggregation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

anna mellul, Ehud Cohen, danielle share, doron stupp, Emiliano Cohen, haya chahine, irene guberman, lamis naddaf, lena qawasmi, maya braun, noa roitenberg, olli matilainen, susana garcia, Yuval Tabach
expanded cug repeats trigger disease phenotype and expression changes through the rnai machinery in c elegans (2019)| Journal of Molecular Biology| Read more
amir levine, Ehud Cohen, danielle grushko
gene expression modulation by the linker of nucleoskeleton and cytoskeleton complex contributes to proteostasis (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
adi biram, atif ahmed siddiqui, bar lampert, Ehud Cohen, danielle grushko, Filipa Carvalhal Marques, hana achache, hana boocholez, Lorna Moll, michal bejeranosagie, noa roitenberg, Tomer Ravid, tayir elami, tommer ravid, Yonatan Tzur, Yuli Volovik
the insulin igf signaling cascade modulates sumoylation to regulate aging and proteostasis in caenorhabditis elegans (2018)| eLife| Read more
Ehud Cohen, Filipa Carvalhal Marques, hana boocholez, Lorna Moll, ludmila golodetzki, michal bejeranosagie, noa roitenberg, tayir elami, yuval nevo
modulation of caveolae by insulin igf 1 signaling regulates aging of caenorhabditis elegans (2018)| EMBO Reports| Read more
Ehud Cohen, ieshita pan, priyadip das, Meital Reches
self assembly of a metallo peptide into a drug delivery system using a switch on displacement strategy (2018)| Journal of Materials Chemistry B| Read more
amir levine, Ehud Cohen, eyal itskovits, Alon Zaslaver
a multi animal tracker for studying complex behaviors (2017)| BMC Biology| Read more
Ehud Cohen, ieshita pan, noa roitenberg
vesicle mediated secretion of misfolded prion protein molecules from cyclosporin a treated cells (2017)| The FASEB Journal| Read more
Ehud Cohen, Tatyana Dubnikov, tziona bengedalya
protein quality control in health and disease (2017)| Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology| Read more
Ehud Cohen, Tatyana Dubnikov
the emerging roles of early protein folding events in the secretory pathway in the development of neurodegenerative maladies (2017)| Frontiers in Neuroscience| Read more
from mutated genes to familial alzheimer s disease ()| Cell Cycle| Read more

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