Researcher interests: Cognitive neuroscience. Neuropsychology. The neural basis of conscious conscious awareness. Spatial processing in vision and audition. Functional and structural brain imaging (functional MRI, cognitive event related potentials). Unilateral neglect. Auditory scene analysis.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
Contact Business Development: Anna Pellivert
All projects by researcher: InnerEye Ltd.

Selected Publications

evidence for linear but not helical automatic representation of pitch in the human auditory system (2019)| Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience| Read more
alan shen, Leon Deouell, hansjochen heinze, hermann hinrichs, julia kam, robert knight, sandon griffin, shawn patel
systematic comparison between a wireless eeg system with dry electrodes and a wired eeg system with wet electrodes (2019)| NeuroImage| Read more
christoph reichert, Leon Deouell, hansjochen heinze, heidi kirsch, hermann hinrichs, robert knight, stefan durschmid
direct evidence for prediction signals in frontal cortex independent of prediction error (2018)| Cerebral Cortex| Read more
Leon Deouell, edden gerber, jonathan winawer, robert knight, tamar regev
human posterior parietal cortex responds to visual stimuli as early as peristriate occipital cortex (2018)| European Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
Leon Deouell, rafael malach, shany grossman, Tal Golan
widespread suppression of high order visual cortex during blinks and external predictable visual interruptions (2018)| bioRxiv| Read more
asael sklar, Leon Deouell, Ran Hassin
integration despite fractionation continuous flash suppression (2018)| Trends in Cognitive Sciences| Read more
deborah marciano, Leon Deouell, Shlomo Bentin
alternative outcomes create biased expectations regarding the received outcome evidence from event related potentials (2018)| Neuropsychologia| Read more
Leon Deouell, edden gerber
sustained high and low frequency neural responses to visual stimuli in scalp eeg (2018)| bioRxiv| Read more
Leon Deouell, micah murray, talia shrem
auditory visual integration modulates location specific repetition suppression of auditory responses (2017)| Psychophysiology| Read more
Leon Deouell, edden gerber, robert knight, Tal Golan
cortical representation of persistent visual stimuli (2017)| NeuroImage| Read more
deborah marcianoromm, Leon Deouell, Assaf Romm, sacha bourgeoisgironde
the alternative omen effect illusory negative correlation between the outcomes of choice options (2016)| Cognition| Read more

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InnerEye is developing a unique platform that combines human visual perception, innovative classification of brainwaves and computer vision algorithms.
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