Researcher interests: The physics of geological processes, specifically the complex and multiscale behavior observed in reactive and deformable rocks and granular media: reactive flow in porous media, pressure solution, stylolite formation, mechanical compaction, shear zone deformation and friction. Study of processes which control diverse phenomena in many solid Earth systems (e.g., porosity reduction in sedimentary basins, deformation of the Earth`s upper crust, earthquakes and landslides). Use of numerical and theoretical techniques to better understand the interaction between grain scale phenomena and large scale emerging behavior. Granular dynamics. Subduction initiation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Einat Aharonov, Amir Sagy, Shalev Siman-Tov, Simon Emmanuel
Nanograins form carbonate fault mirrors (2013)| GeoScienceWorld| Read more
Einat Aharonov, Regina Katsman
Interaction between pressure solution and clays in stylolite development: Insights from modeling (2009)| American Journal Of Science| Read more
On the stability of landslides: A thermo-poro-elastic approach (2009)| ScienceDirect | Read more

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