Researcher interests: Jewish Orthodoxy. Eastern European Jewish history in the modern period. The Haskala movement. The pre-Zionist Jewish community in Palestine. The emergence of modern Jewish nationalism.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

Israel Bartal, david gaunt, jonathan dekel-chen, jonathan dekelchen, natan m meir
anti jewish violence rethinking the pogrom in east european history (2011)| TAEBDC-2013| Read more
the other story israeli historians and jewish universalism (2010)| European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire| Read more
farming the land on three continents bilu am oylom and yefe nahar (2007)| Jewish History| Read more
messianism and nationalism liberal optimism vs orthodox anxiety (2006)| Jewish History| Read more
moses montefiore nationalist before his time or belated shtadlan (1990)| Studies in Zionism| Read more

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