Researcher interests: The development of microfabricated platforms for the study of liver biology, development, regeneration and metabolism. Investigation of the interactions between nuclear receptors and metabolic processes in the context of drug discovery, Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection, and embryonic stem cells maturation, using multiple disciplines, ranging from cell and molecular biology and chemical engineering to advanced mathematical modeling.
DEPARTMENT: Bio-Engineering

Selected Publications

Amnon Buxboim, david shveiky, elchanan fried, meir malul, Yaakov Nahmias, odelia shimshon, yoav kantor, yoav mintz
dispositif de serrage spectroscopique pour detection de nerf en temps reel (2018)| | Read more
aaron cohen, alexander alexandrov, ayelet chen abraham, eliezer keinan, Daniel Kaganovich, Merav Cohen, Yaakov Nahmias, Dana Reichmann, reshef mintz
high reynolds microfluidic sorting of large yeast populations (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Nir Friedman, jenia gutin, maya schuldiner, meytal radzinski, nadav shai, Yaakov Nahmias, Ohad Yogev, Tomer Ravid, Dana Reichmann, rosi fassler, sabina tsytkinkirschenzweig, sidra ilyas, tommer ravid, William Breuer, yifat geffen
temporal profiling of redox dependent heterogeneity in single cells (2018)| eLife| Read more
adi drori, alina nemirovski, anna permyakova, asaad gammal, gil leibowitz, liad hinden, matan geron, Merav Cohen, Yaakov Nahmias, Avi Priel, Rivka Hadar, sabina tsytkinkirschenzweig, saja baraghithy, shiran udi, Joseph Tam, Yael Riahi
modulation of renal glut2 by the cannabinoid 1 receptor implications for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy (2017)| Journal of The American Society of Nephrology| Read more
ariel shochat, Amnon Buxboim, chanan vinitzky, Yaakov Nahmias, Ram Weiss, yaacov lacher
detection of peripheral arterial disease (2016)| | Read more
Ariel Drori, Bettina Nadorp, Amnon Buxboim, Chen Goldstein, liran levy, Yaakov Nahmias, yoav kantor
when every second counts novel device to shorten chest tube insertion time in a pre hospital setting (2016)| Pulmonary Therapy| Read more
Amnon Buxboim, Yaakov Nahmias, tal hasin, yoel goldstein
jugular venous assessment (2016)| | Read more
Daniel Kitsberg, Gahl Levy, joseph itskovitzeldor, Merav Cohen, Michal Zimerman, Arieh Moussaieff, Yaakov Nahmias, robert schwartz, ronen sadeh, Yishai Avior
microbial derived lithocholic acid and vitamin k2 drive the metabolic maturation of pluripotent stem cells derived and fetal hepatocytes (2015)| Hepatology| Read more
bohdana rovenko, essi havula, Sebastian Kadener, mari teesalu, minna poukkula, mor hanan, Arieh Moussaieff, Yaakov Nahmias, osnat bartok, reut ashwallfluss, sadanand vodala, varun pandey, ville hietakangas
the transcription factor cabut coordinates energy metabolism and the circadian clock in response to sugar sensing (2015)| The EMBO Journal| Read more
alina nemirovski, benedicte elenaherrmann, daniel aberdam, Daniel Kitsberg, david bomze, dinorah barasch, Gahl Levy, ilana laevsky, joseph itskovitzeldor, malka nissimrafinia, Matthieu Rouleau, Merav Cohen, Eran Meshorer, michal amit, Arieh Moussaieff, Yaakov Nahmias, shai shenorr, stefan kempa, tali scherf
glycolysis mediated changes in acetyl coa and histone acetylation control the early differentiation of embryonic stem cells (2015)| Cell Metabolism| Read more
Benjamin Aroeti, Daniel Kitsberg, Maria Shulman, Merav Cohen, Yaakov Nahmias, sabina tsytkin
live imaging of glut2 glucose dependent trafficking and its inhibition in polarized epithelial cysts (2014)| Open Biology| Read more
basak uygun, Daniel Kitsberg, david bomze, elishai ezra, ella sklan, Nir Friedman, Gahl Levy, joerg schlaak, korkut uygun, maria angela guzzardi, Merav Cohen, Yaakov Nahmias, naomi habib, oren shibolet, timm, trippler
nuclear receptors control pro viral and antiviral metabolic responses to hepatitis c virus infection ()| Nature Chemical Biology| Read more

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Tyson Foods (TSN.N), the largest U.S. meat processor, has invested in an Israeli biotech company developing a way to grow affordable meat in a laboratory that takes live animals out of the equation.


Tyson Ventures Announces Investment in Future Meat Technologies

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Future Meat Technologies has announced a $2.2 million seed investment round co-led by Tyson Ventures, the venture capital arm of Tyson Foods.  Tyson Foods is a Fortune 100 company, and one of the world’s largest food...


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