Researcher interests: Reproductive biology. Cellular and molecular processes by which cellular stress disrupts oocyte competence and embryonic development.
DEPARTMENT: Animal Sciences
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Selected Publications

hansen, kalo, roth, Zvi Roth, shimoni
168 melatonin slightly alleviates the effect of heat shock on nuclear maturation of the bovine oocyte (2019)| Reproduction, Fertility and Development| Read more
alisa komskyelbaz, roth, Zvi Roth
fluorimetric techniques for the assessment of sperm membranes (2018)| Journal of Visualized Experiments| Read more
roth, Zvi Roth
stress induced alterations in oocyte transcripts are further expressed in the developing blastocyst roth (2018)| Molecular Reproduction and Development| Read more
roth, Zvi Roth
reduction in oocyte developmental competence by stress is associated with alterations in mitochondrial function (2018)| Journal of Dairy Science| Read more
alisa komskyelbaz, roth, Zvi Roth, saktsier
aflatoxin b1 impairs sperm quality and fertilization competence (2018)| Toxicology| Read more
roth, Zvi Roth
effect of heat stress on reproduction in dairy cows insights into the cellular and molecular responses of the oocyte (2017)| Annual Review of Animal Biosciences| Read more
heiner bollwein, janett, malama, mathias siuda, roth, Zvi Roth, zeron
use of computer assisted sperm analysis and flow cytometry to detect seasonal variations of bovine semen quality (2017)| Theriogenology| Read more
position and identity information available in fmri patterns of activity in human visual cortex (2015)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more

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