Researcher interests: Development of organometallic and organocatalytic systems for applications in synthetic processes, organic synthesis under microwave conditions, functional ionic liquids, green chemistry, nanochemistry, development of micro- and nanoencapsulation methods for agrochemical and pharmaceutical applications.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Raed Abu-Reziq, anat levizada, charlie batarseh, raed abureziq
preparation of catalytic deep eutectic solvent based silica microreactors using a non aqueous sol gel route (2019)| Journal of Materials Chemistry| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, amani zoabi, margarita vazquezgonzalez, raed abureziq, weihai chen, Itamar Willner
biocatalytic cascades driven by enzymes encapsulated in metal organic framework nanoparticles (2018)| Nature Catalysis| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, amani zoabi, David Avnir, charles rosenblatt, Dmitri Gelman, melvin santiago, raed abureziq
chiral polymeric nanocapsules and their use for conformational deracemization of liquid crystals (2018)| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, aharon gedanken, alfred hassner, amani zoabi, amruta mutalikdesai, raed abureziq, vijay bhooshan kumar
enantioselective separation of racemic tryptophan with sonochemically prepared egg albumin microspheres (2018)| ChemistrySelect| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, Dmitri Gelman, orit cohen, raed abureziq
chiral enantiopure organosilane precursors for the synthesis of periodic mesoporous organosilicas (2017)| Tetrahedron-asymmetry| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, Ester Weiss, raed abureziq
ionic liquid based polymeric microreactors and their applicability (2017)| Journal of Materials Science| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, charlie batarseh, Ester Weiss, raed abureziq
metal nanoparticles supported on magnetically separable materials (2017)| | Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, amani zoabi, margarita vazquezgonzalez, raed abureziq, remi cazelles, shan wang, weiching liao, Itamar Willner
mimicking horseradish peroxidase and nadh peroxidase by heterogeneous cu2 modified graphene oxide nanoparticles (2017)| Nano Letters| Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, amani zoabi, assaf zeira, Dmitri Gelman, raed abureziq
process for preparation of nicotinamide riboside nr and cosmetic composition comprising nr and a phosphate binding agent (2017)| | Read more
Raed Abu-Reziq, Ester Weiss, raed abureziq
functional particulated ionic liquid based silica microcapsules (2017)| | Read more

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