Researcher interests: Immunobiology of cancer: premalignancy and tumor dormancy. Apoptosis in T cells and lymphomas.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

mir 103 inhibits proliferation and sensitizes hemopoietic tumor cells for glucocorticoid induced apoptosis ()| Oncotarget| Read more
non genomic events determining the sensitivity of hemopoietic malignancies to glucocorticoid induced apoptosis ()| Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy| Read more
dexamethasone mediates pancreatic cancer progression by glucocorticoid receptor tgf β and jnk ap 1 ()| Cell Death and Disease| Read more
the effect of cd8 t apcs on effector ctls is mediated by tumor derived pmhc ()| PLOS ONE| Read more
cd8 t apcs activate anti tumor cd8 t cells of the same antigen specificity ()| PLOS ONE| Read more
cd8 t apc induce secondary trogocytosis by tumor specific ctl ()| PLOS ONE| Read more
human t cell crosstalk is induced by tumor membrane transfer ()| PLOS ONE| Read more
t cell mulfunction in the tumor environment ()| | Read more
specific antibody deficiency and autoinflammatory disease extend the clinical and immunological spectrum of heterozygous nfkb1 loss of function mutations in humans ()| Haematologica| Read more
imprinting of lymphocytes with melanoma antigens acquired by trogocytosis facilitates identification of tumor reactive t cells ()| Journal of Immunology| Read more

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