Researcher interests: Physiological and genetic aspects of crop adaptation to stress conditions. Genetic mapping of stress adaptive traits. Optimization of crop production under arid conditions. New crops for arid regions. Sustainable agriculture.
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Selected Publications

Andrew H. Paterson, Yehoshua Saranga
Repeated polyploidization of Gossypium genomes and the evolution of spinnable cotton fibres (2012)| nature international journal of science| Read more
Allelic diversity associated with aridity gradient in wild emmer wheat populations (2007)| PC&E| Read more
Assaf Distelfeld, Ismail Cakmak, Zvi Peleg, Yehoshua Saranga
Multiple QTL‐effects of wheat Gpc‐B1 locus on grain protein and micronutrient concentrations (2007)| Wiley Online Library | Read more

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