Researcher interests: Molecular mechanisms through which neurons find their targets during development and regeneration to form neural networks. Semaphorins: their role in nervous system injury.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

The Semaphorin Receptor PlexinA3 Mediates Neuronal Apoptosis during Dorsal Root Ganglia Development (2008)| JNeurosci| Read more
Modulation of Semaphorin3A Activity by p75 Neurotrophin Receptor Influences Peripheral Axon Patterning (2007)| JNeurosci| Read more
Semaphorin3A accelerates neuronal polarity in vitro and in its absence the orientation of DRG neuronal polarity in vivo is distorted (2007)| ScienceDirect | Read more

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