Researcher interests: General Information Soil And Water Sciences, Robert H.smith Faculty Of Agri Office phone: 08-9489349 Email: Web: Academic BackgroundResearch Interests Soil chemistry and soil fertility, related to plant nutrition and environmental aspects. Geochemistry of phosphorus. Phosphorus stabilization in sludge materials. Redox reactions and redox-related chemical transformations in soils. Solubility and availability of soil nutrients for plants. Effects of reclaimed wastewater on soil fertility and plant nutrition.
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Selected Publications

Araya Gebresellassie, Aviad Moncaz, Oscar Kirstein, Moshe Shenker
Characterization of breeding sites of Phlebotomus orientalis – The vector of visceral leishmaniasis in northwestern Ethiopia (2014)| ScienceDirect | Read more
Benny Chefetz, Myah Goldstein, Moshe Shenker
Insights into the Uptake Processes of Wastewater-Borne Pharmaceuticals by Vegetables (2014)| ACS publications| Read more
Benny Chefetz, Daniella Harush, Julius Ben-Ari, Moshe Shenker
Uptake of carbamazepine by cucumber plants – A case study related to irrigation with reclaimed wastewater (2011)| ScienceDirect | Read more

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