Researcher interests: Basic bone biomechanics, structure and function, comparative whole-bone biomechanics, experimental basic clinical bone biomechanics, numerical (finite element) and theoretical modeling in bone biomechanics.
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Selected Publications

alexander rack, hawshan abdulrahman mustafa, katrein sauer, mario thiele, paul zaslansky, Ron Shahar
microstructure and texture contributing to damage resistance of the anosteocytic hinge bone in the cleithrum of esox lucius (2019)| International Journal of Materials Research| Read more
anna shipov, maitena dumont, Ron Shahar, shira carmeliligati, susanne holtze, thomas b hildebrandt
the structure composition and mechanical properties of the skeleton of the naked mole rat heterocephalus glaber (2019)| Bone| Read more
alexander rack, lior ofer, maitena dumont, paul zaslansky, Ron Shahar
new insights into the process of osteogenesis of anosteocytic bone (2019)| Bone| Read more
eugenia klein, katya rechav, raquel maria, Ron Shahar, steve weiner, yehonatan benzvi
an unusual disordered alveolar bone material in the upper furcation region of minipig mandibles a 3d hierarchical structural study (2019)| Journal of Structural Biology| Read more
efrat monsonegoornan, Elazar Zelzer, janna zaretsky, lior ofer, mason n dean, paul zaslansky, Ron Shahar, shelley griessfishheimer, shiri kult, yulia shwartz
a novel nonosteocytic regulatory mechanism of bone modeling (2019)| PLOS Biology| Read more
maria pierantoni, raquel maria, Ron Shahar, steve weiner, vlad brumfeld, yehonatan benzvi
response of the tooth periodontal ligament bone complex to load a microct study of the minipig molar (2019)| Journal of Structural Biology| Read more
aravind kumar jayasankar, mason n dean, ronald seidel, Ron Shahar
the multiscale architectures of fish bone and tessellated cartilage and their relation to function (2019)| | Read more
anna shipov, Gilad Segev, n sugar, Ron Shahar
the influence of chronic kidney disease on the structural and mechanical properties of canine bone (2018)| Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine| Read more
j d currey, mason n dean, Ron Shahar
revisiting the links between bone remodelling and osteocytes insights from across phyla (2017)| Biological Reviews| Read more
a cahaner, r yair, Ron Shahar, z uni
maternal and genetic effects on broiler bone properties during incubation period (2017)| Poultry Science| Read more
Amir Haze, Anat Blumenfeld, ayala ejzenberg, ayelet atkins, dekel shilo, Dan Deutsch, elad spitzer, faris saba, jacob waxman, koby goren, meir liebergall, salem hanhan, Ron Shahar, shay sharon, yarden suki
skeletal ligament healing using the recombinant human amelogenin protein (2016)| Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine| Read more

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