Researcher interests: Biophysical, biochemical and physiological aspects of basic processes in vision: genetic dissection of phototransduction; bistable visual pigment systems; after-potentials in photoreceptors and second messengers in phototransduction; the molecular mechanism of retinal degeneration. Heterologous expression of gene products related to capacitative Ca2+ entry.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

irena levitan, Baruch Minke, nicolas barbera
comparative docking analysis of cholesterol analogs to ion channels to discriminate between stereospecific binding vs stereospecific response (2019)| Channels| Read more
Ben Katz, Baruch Minke
the drosophila light activated trp and trpl channels targets of the phosphoinositide signaling cascade (2018)| Progress in Retinal and Eye Research| Read more
Ben Katz, Baruch Minke, william l pak
trpc channels insight from the drosophila light sensitive channels (2018)| | Read more
armin huber, Ben Katz, bushra yasin, elisheva rhodesmodrov, hanan tzadok, jonaspeter bartels, lisa strauch, Baruch Minke, olaf voolstra
the latency of the light response is modulated by the phosphorylation state of drosophila trp at a specific site (2017)| Channels| Read more
Ben Katz, Baruch Minke, richard payne
trp channels in vision (2017)| | Read more
Ben Katz, elisheva rhodesmordov, Baruch Minke, rita gutorov, roger c hardie
electrophysiological method for whole cell voltage clamp recordings from textit drosophila photoreceptors (2017)| Journal of Visualized Experiments| Read more
armin huber, Ben Katz, bushra yasin, claudia oberegelsbacher, elisheva rhodesmordov, hanan tzadok, jonaspeter bartels, Baruch Minke, olaf voolstra, susanne katharina schotthofer
the phosphorylation state of the drosophila trp channel modulates the frequency response to oscillating light in vivo (2017)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
armin huber, Ben Katz, bushra yasin, elkana kohn, krystina schopf, Maximilian Peters, Baruch Minke, rachel zaguri, shirley weiss
ectopic expression of mouse melanopsin in drosophila photoreceptors reveals fast response kinetics and persistent dark excitation (2017)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more
Ben Katz, Maximilian Peters, Baruch Minke, rachel zaguri, rita gutorov, Shaya Lev
depletion of membrane cholesterol suppresses drosophila transient receptor potential like trpl channel activity (2017)| Current Topics in Membranes| Read more

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