Researcher interests: Ecology of emerging cutaneous leishmanisis in Israel. Ecology and transmission of visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia. Xenodiagnosis in Ethiopia and Brazil. Control of phlebotomine sand flies.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

abdelmajeed nasereddin, Ibrahim Abbasi, Alon Warburg
development of a next generation dna sequencing based multi detection assay for detecting and identifying leishmania parasites blood sources plant meals and intestinal microbiome in phlebotomine sand flies (2019)| Acta Tropica| Read more
adam s brown, araya gebresilassie, asrat hailu, essayas aklilu, Ibrahim Abbasi, meshesha balkew, oscar david kirstein, ronald m clouse, solomon yared, teshome gebremichael, Alon Warburg
a molecular analysis of sand fly blood meals in a visceral leishmaniasis endemic region of northwestern ethiopia reveals a complex host vector system (2019)| Heliyon| Read more
aime ngouateu tateng, andreas kruger, blaise dondji, esther von stebut, marcus maurer, omer bebe ngouateu, oscar david kirstein, vincent khan payne, Alon Warburg
inventory and taxonomy of phlebotomine sand flies of the mokolo leishmaniasis focus northern cameroon with description of new sergentomyia taxa diptera psychodidae (2019)| Acta Tropica| Read more
anderson b guimaraescosta, asrat hailu, diaeldin elnaiem, fabiano oliveira, jesus g valenzuela, maha e osman, michal sima, petr volf, petra sumova, tatiana spitzova, Alon Warburg
human antibody reaction against recombinant salivary proteins of phlebotomus orientalis in eastern africa (2018)| PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases| Read more
ahmad amro, alexander w bray, andreas kruger, catherine m flanley, david f hoel, douglas a shoue, emad y fawaz, gwen stayback, hanafi a hanafi, iliano v coutinhoabreu, kaouther jaouadi, m a kenawy, marcelo ramalhoortigao, mary ann mcdowell, mehmet karakus, mohammad reza yaghoobieershadi, mostafa ramadhan dokhan, omar hamarsheh, rami m mukbel, shabaan s elhossary, shaden kamhawi, Alon Warburg
population genetics analysis of phlebotomus papatasi sand flies from egypt and jordan based on mitochondrial cytochrome b haplotypes (2018)| Parasites & Vectors| Read more
abdelmajeed nasereddin, aidyn yeszhanov, artur trancoso lopo de queiroz, asrat hailu, ben zion horwitz, claudia brodskyn, david m poche, deborah bittencourt mothe fraga, Ibrahim Abbasi, ikram salah, oscar david kirstein, patricia sampaio tavares veras, richard m poche, tiago feitosa mota, Alon Warburg, zaria torrespoche
plant feeding phlebotomine sand flies vectors of leishmaniasis prefer cannabis sativa (2018)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
aime ngouateu tateng, andreas kruger, blaise dondji, esther von stebut, marcus maurer, omer bebe ngouateu, oscar david kirstein, vincent khan payne, Alon Warburg
first detection of leishmania donovani in sand flies from cameroon and its epidemiological implications (2018)| Tropical Medicine & International Health| Read more
araya gebresilassie, asrat hailu, ben zion horwitz, ibrahim abassi, laura skrip, oscar david kirstein, petr volf, tamara iungman, tatiana spitzova, teshome gebremichael, Alon Warburg, yoni waitz
a fine scale eco epidemiological study on endemic visceral leishmaniasis in north ethiopian villages (2018)| Acta Tropica| Read more
a knigin, a stone, h gueta, oscar david kirstein, Roy Faiman, Alon Warburg
studies on the behaviour and control of phlebotomine sandflies using experimental houses (2018)| Medical and Veterinary Entomology| Read more
Abedelmajeed Nasereddin, arie zackay, asrat hailu, charles l jaffe, james cotton, mandy sanders, Alon Warburg
genome wide comparison of ethiopian leishmania donovani strains reveals differences potentially related to parasite survival (2018)| PLOS Genetics| Read more

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