Researcher interests: Synthesis and properties of heterocyclic compounds. Disic acids, aldisates. Dipolar heterocycles. Paraionic compounds. Natural and unnatural, optically active, heterocyclic amino acids.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

hydroxylamine analogs and derivatives of amino acids aminooxy acids (2010)| Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups| Read more
vadim gurvich, Gury Zvilichovsky
transformation of aromatic amino acids by reduction and ozonolysis a novel approach to the synthesis of unnatural α amino acids (2010)| ChemInform| Read more
bina zvilichovsky, Gury Zvilichovsky
chapter 13 ozonolysis (2010)| Hydroxyl, Ether and Peroxide Groups (1993)| Read more
the chemistry of 4 aryl 3 5 dihydroxypyrazoles and their derivatives and formation of paraionic heterocycles (2005)| ChemInform| Read more
isra gbarahajyahia, Gury Zvilichovsky
birch reduction of ephedrine formation of a new versatile intermediate for organic synthesis (2004)| Journal of Organic Chemistry| Read more
isra gbarahajyahia, Gury Zvilichovsky
stereoselectivity and regioselectivity in nucleophilic ring opening in derivatives of 3 phenylisoxazolo 2 3 a pyrimidine unpredicted dimerization and ring transformation syntheses of derivatives of pyrimidinylmethylamine pyrimidinylmethylamino acid a (2004)| Journal of Organic Chemistry| Read more
bizarre structural chemical and spectral properties of 4 aryl 3 5 dihydroxyisoxazoles and their derivatives disic acids (2004)| ChemInform| Read more
isra gbarahajyahia, noa seri, Gury Zvilichovsky
ozonolysis of 1 4 cyclohexadienes in the presence of methanol and acid mechanism and intermediates in the conversion of 1 4 cyclohexadiene derivatives to β keto esters1 (2004)| Journal of Organic Chemistry| Read more
isra gbara, Gury Zvilichovsky
aminoisoxazole derivatives as building blocks for pyrimidoblamic acid analogs and other pyrimidne derivatives (2003)| 19th International Congress on Heterocyclic Chemistry Book of Abstracts| Read more
lily heller, Gury Zvilichovsky
a facile synthesis of anti benzaldoxime (2002)| Synthesis| Read more

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