Researcher interests: Multi agent systems. Algorithmic game theory. Networks. Social computing. Blockchain
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science
Contact Business Development: Anna Pellivert
All projects by researcher: QED-it Systems Ltd.

Selected Publications

ron lavi, sattath, Aviv Zohar
the monopolistic auction and bitcoin s fee market (2019)| WWW 2019 : The Web Conference| Read more
shira werman, Aviv Zohar
avoiding deadlocks in payment channel networks (2018)| DPM/CBT@ESORICS| Read more
database perspectives on blockchains (2018)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.06015| Read more
saar tochner, Aviv Zohar
how to pick your friends a game theoretic approach to p2p overlay construction (2018)| arXiv: Cryptography and Security| Read more
yonatan sompolinsky, Aviv Zohar
bitcoin s underlying incentives (2017)| ACM Queue| Read more
securing and scaling cryptocurrencies (2017)| IJCAI'17 Proceedings of the 26th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence| Read more
recent trends in decentralized cryptocurrencies invited talk (2017)| Proceedings of the 49th Annual ACM SIGACT Symposium on Theory of Computing| Read more
gil dollberg, Aviv Zohar
memory based mechanisms for economic agents (2017)| adaptive agents and multi agents systems| Read more
ron lavi, sattath, Aviv Zohar
redesigning bitcoin s fee market (2017)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1709.08881| Read more
erel segalhalevi, simina branzei, Aviv Zohar
how to charge lightning (2017)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.10222| Read more

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