Researcher interests: The use of Actinobacteria in biotechnology including control of antibiotic formation, production of biofuels, modeling of metabolism for overproduction and bioremediation.Production by fermentation of organic acids by filamentous fungi, specifically fumaric and malic acid.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

dana praslickova, donald smith, emily ricci, gayathri ilangumaran, john lamont, rachel backer, Stefan Rokem, sowmyalakshmi subramanian
plant growth promoting rhizobacteria context mechanisms of action and roadmap to commercialization of biostimulants for sustainable agriculture (2018)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
andreas greiner, eyal zussman, Charles Greenblatt, ilya letnik, rafi port, Stefan Rokem, ron avrahami
biosorption of copper from aqueous environments by micrococcus luteus in cell suspension and when encapsulated (2017)| International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation| Read more
andreas greiner, eyal zussman, Charles Greenblatt, ilya letnik, Stefan Rokem, ron avrahami
living composites of electrospun yeast cells for bioremediation and ethanol production (2015)| Biomacromolecules| Read more
fumaric acid biosynthesis and accumulation (2014)| Bioprocessing of Renewable Resources to Commodity Bioproducts| Read more
alon nardi, eyal zussman, Charles Greenblatt, Stefan Rokem, ron avrahami
phenol biodegradation by corynebacterium glutamicum encapsulated in electrospun fibers (2012)| Journal of Environmental Protection| Read more
alla lapidus, arseny kaprelyants, athanasios lykidis, danielle young, eebeen goh, galina mukamolova, govind chandra, Charles Greenblatt, harry beller, jacques mahillon, keith chater, konstantinos mavromatis, lynn dover, margaret smith, michael young, nikos kyrpides, Aharon Oren, Stefan Rokem, stephen lowry, Tamar Kahan, victor markowitz, Vladislav Artsatbanov
genome sequence of the fleming strain of micrococcus luteus a simple free living actinobacterium (2010)| Journal of Bacteriology| Read more
organic acids old metabolites new themes (2006)| Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology| Read more
Michael Friedman, paula fischer, raphael radai, Stefan Rokem, Abraham Rubinstein
the effect of intestinal bacteria adherence on drug diffusion through solid films under stationary conditions (1997)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more
miriam ezra, raphael radai, Stefan Rokem, Abraham Rubinstein, seema pathak
in vitro evaluation of calcium pectinate a potential colon specific drug delivery carrier (1993)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more

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