Researcher interests: Nonlinear dynamics; statistical physics of ultrashort laser pulses; gauge fields; magnetic fields. Nonlinear plasma and optics.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Alexander Bekker, Baruch Fischer, Omri Gat, Rafi Weill, Vladimir Smulakovsky
Spectral sidebands and multipulse formation in passively mode-locked lasers (2011)| APS Physics| Read more
Alexander Bekker, Boris Levit, Omri Gat, Rafi Weill
Laser light condensate: experimental demonstration of light-mode condensation in actively mode locked laser (2010)| OSA publishing| Read more
A M Leshansky, Omri Gat, J E Avro
A frictionless microswimmer (2007)| IOP Science| Read more

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