Researcher interests: Irrigation uniformity and its effect on crop yield. Irrigation and fertigation management of soil-less culture. Irrigation automatic control - parameters identification and measurement. Transport of chemicals in structured soils: preferential flow and fingering. The pollution of water bodies (reservoirs, lakes) by soil applied chemicals which are transferred to irrigation or rainfall induced surface runoff. Lateral flow within the unsaturated soil and its role in surface runoff generation.
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Selected Publications

Role of aquaporins in determining transpiration and photosynthesis in water‐stressed plants: crop water‐use efficiency, growth and yield (2014)| ScienceDirect| Read more
Amnon Schwartz, Michaele Gebretsadik, Nir Sade, Ron Seligmann, Rony Wallach
The Role of Tobacco Aquaporin1 in Improving Water Use Efficiency, Hydraulic Conductivity, and Yield Production Under Salt Stress (2010)| ASPB| Read more
Alex Diber, Basia J. Vinocur, Menachem Moshelion, Nir Sade, Rony Wallach
Improving plant stress tolerance and yield production: is the tonoplast aquaporin SlTIP2;2 a key to isohydric to anisohydric conversion? (2009)| NPH| Read more

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