Researcher interests: Cognition and instruction. Cognitive development and social interactions, with particular interest in the role of argumentation and peer interaction in learning. Development of technological tools to mediate argumentative activities. The study of the development of mathematical thinking.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities

Selected Publications

baruch b schwarz, benzi slakmon, Baruch (Education) Schwarz
democratization and education (2019)| | Read more
baruch b schwarz, jerry andriessen, michael j baker, Baruch (Education) Schwarz
collaborative argumentation based learning (2019)| | Read more
baruch b schwarz, michael j baker, Baruch (Education) Schwarz
chapter 11 argumentexturing a framework for integrating theories of argumentation and learning (2019)| | Read more
baruch b schwarz, reuven benhaim, Baruch (Education) Schwarz, zvi bekerman
diving into yeshiva s talk practices chavruta argumentation between individual and community towards crystallizing methods (2019)| Learning, Culture and Social Interaction| Read more
adva livny, baruch b schwarz, naomi prusak, osama swidan, Alik Palatnik, Baruch (Education) Schwarz
fostering teachers understanding of progression of multiple groups towards the orchestration of conceptual learning (2019)| Unterrichtswissenschaft| Read more
baruch b schwarz, benzi slakmon, Baruch (Education) Schwarz
deliberative emotional talk (2019)| International Journal of Computer-supported Collaborative Learning| Read more
baruch b schwarz, christa s c asterhan, Baruch (Education) Schwarz, yaakov ophir
the digital footprints of adolescent depression social rejection and victimization of bullying on facebook (2019)| Computers in Human Behavior| Read more
alyssa friend wise, baruch b schwarz, emma mercier, marcela borge, nikol rummel, ornit sagy, pierre tchounikine, Baruch (Education) Schwarz, sten ludvigsen, yael kali, yotam hod
eight provocations for the cscl field current significant discussions and the future of cscl (2019)| 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning - A Wide Lens: Combining Embodied, Enactive, Extended, and Embedded Learning in Collaborative Settings, CSCL 2019| Read more
adva livny, avi segal, baruch b schwarz, kobi gal, naomi prusak, osama swidan, Baruch (Education) Schwarz
orchestrating the emergence of conceptual learning a case study in a geometry class (2018)| computer supported collaborative learning| Read more
baruch b schwarz, michal tabach, Baruch (Education) Schwarz
professional development of mathematics teachers toward the facilitation of small group collaboration (2018)| Educational Studies in Mathematics| Read more

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