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Researcher interests: Resource and environmental economics. Water allocation and pricing. Conjunctive management of ground and surface water. Dynamic models of natural resource management. Management of environmental catastrophes under uncertainty.
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Selected Publications

resource windfalls and public debt a political economy perspective (2018)| | Read more
reelection growth and public debt (2018)| Social Science Research Network| Read more
amos zemel, Yacov Tsur
water policy guidelines a comprehensive approach (2018)| Water Resources and Economics| Read more
resource windfalls and publics debt the role of political myopia (2018)| | Read more
bounding reasonable doubt implications for plea bargaining (2017)| European Journal of Law and Economics| Read more
amos zemel, Yacov Tsur
coping with multiple catastrophic threats (2017)| Environmental and Resource Economics| Read more
ariel dinar, Yacov Tsur
management of transboundary water resources under scarcity a multidisciplinary approach (2017)| | Read more
amos zemel, Yacov Tsur
steady state properties of multi state economic models (2017)| Canadian Journal of Economics| Read more
technology improvements input use and natural resource abundance (2017)| Social Science Research Network| Read more
closing the widening gap between natural water resources and water needs in the jordan river basin a long term perspective (2017)| World Scientific Book Chapters| Read more
perennial crops under stochastic water supply (2014)| Agricultural Economics| Read more

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