Researcher interests: Molecular mechanisms involved in plant developmental regulation, specifically the transition to flowering: how is the time and extent of flowering controlled at a molecular and whole plant level.

Selected Publications

avital beeri, hector candela, patricia fresnillo, Alon Samach, sara jovergil
complete genome sequence of a novel virus classifiable within the potyviridae family which infects passion fruit passiflora edulis (2018)| Archives of Virology| Read more
amnon haberman, ortal bakhshian, Alon Samach
regolazione genetica e ambientale della fioritura (2018)| Olivo & olio| Read more
amnon haberman, chen adler, fernando pliegoalfaro, giora benari, jose mercado, judith paltiel, Shimon Lavee, ortal bakhshian, Alon Samach, sergio cerezomedina
a possible role for flowering locus t encoding genes in interpreting environmental and internal cues affecting olive olea europaea l flower induction olive flowering (2017)| Plant Cell and Environment| Read more
amnon haberman, Einat Zelinger, Alon Samach
scanning electron microscope sem imaging to determine inflorescence initiation and development in olive (2017)| BIO-PROTOCOL| Read more
amnon haberman, evelyne costes, jeanjacques kelner, michal ackerman, omer crane, Alon Samach
different flowering response to various fruit loads in apple cultivars correlates with degree of transcript reaccumulation of a tfl1 encoding gene (2016)| Plant Journal| Read more
merav reisman, Alon Samach, sarit anavi, Oren Tirosh, Aron Troen, yael tal
the neuroprotective properties of a novel variety of passion fruit (2016)| Journal of Functional Foods| Read more
aviad freiman, dalia evenor, Eduard Belausov, lior avraham, marvin edelman, moshe flaishman, moshe reuveni, reut peer, Alon Samach, sara golobovitch, vladimir sobolev, yardena dahan, yosepha shahak, zeev yablovitz, zohar freiman
expression of flowering locus t2 transgene from pyrus communis l delays dormancy and leaf senescence in malus domestica borkh and causes early flowering in tobacco (2015)| Plant Science| Read more
michal ackerman, Alon Samach
doubts regarding carbohydrate shortage as a trigger toward abscission of specific apple malus domestica fruitlets (2015)| New Negatives in Plant Science| Read more
marcelo carnier dornelas, monte bello, rocha, Alon Samach, sobol
auxin and physical constraint exerted by the perianth promote androgynophore bending in passiflora mucronata l passifloraceae (2015)| Plant Biology| Read more
genetic variation in yield under hot ambient temperatures spotlights a role for cytokinin in protection of developing floral primordia ()| Plant Cell and Environment| Read more

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