Researcher interests: Protein design: protein-protein interactions; developing methods for the design of protein binding interfaces.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

michael heyne, niv papo, Julia Shifman
generating quantitative binding landscapes through fractional binding selections deep sequencing and data normalization (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
alan davidson, carles corbiverge, david gfeller, evangelia petsalaki, haiming huang, irina sochirca, jinrong min, liu, mark sun, moshe bendavid, pankaj garg, philip kim, sachdev sidhu, Julia Shifman, wolfram tempel
allosteric modulation of binding specificity by alternative packing of protein cores (2019)| Journal of Molecular Biology| Read more
evette radisky, itay cohen, jason shirian, niv papo, Julia Shifman, tamila sapir, valeria arkadash
converting a broad matrix metalloproteinase family inhibitor into a specific inhibitor of mmp 9 and mmp 14 (2018)| FEBS Letters| Read more
Ariel Cohen, eran rosenthal, Julia Shifman
analysis of structural features contributing to weak affinities of ubiquitin protein interactions (2017)| Journal of Molecular Biology| Read more
niv papo, Julia Shifman
editorial overview engineering and design new trends in designer proteins (2017)| Current Opinion in Structural Biology| Read more
evette radisky, gal yosef, irit sagi, itay cohen, jason shirian, moran grossman, niv papo, Julia Shifman, valeria arkadash, yuval horev
development of high affinity and high specificity inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase 14 through computational design and directed evolution (2017)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more
anna bakhman, eitan rabinovich, michael heyne, mickey kosloff, niv papo, Julia Shifman
identifying residues that determine scf molecular level interactions through a combination of experimental and in silico analyses (2017)| Journal of Molecular Biology| Read more
jason shirian, sharabi, Julia Shifman
cold spots in protein binding (2016)| Trends in Biochemical Sciences| Read more
ayelet dekel, isabel leung, sachdev sidhu, Julia Shifman
saturation scanning of ubiquitin variants reveals a common hot spot for binding to usp2 and usp21 (2016)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
lior rosenfeld, michael heyne, niv papo, Julia Shifman
protein engineering by combined computational and in vitro evolution approaches (2016)| Trends in Biochemical Sciences| Read more

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