Researcher interests: Genetic, molecular and physiological studies aimed at understanding the role of the female reproductive tract and its associated organs in facil- itating a successful reproduction event: dissecting the role of female accessory glands in mediating fertilization; sperm-egg interactions; reproductive aging. Genetic processes that underlie the development of the female reproductive tract. Genetic mechanisms that mediate the age-related Genetic mechanisms that mediate the age-related decline in fecundity and fertility. Sterile Insect Technique (SIT).
DEPARTMENT: Entomology
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Selected Publications

Yael Heifetz, Mariana F.Wolfner, Moshe Lindner, Yuval Garini
Mating Regulates Neuromodulator Ensembles at Nerve Termini Innervating the Drosophila Reproductive Tract (2014)| ScienceDirect | Read more
Anat Kapelnikov, Einat Zelinger, Yael Heifetz, Kahn Rhrissorrakrai, Kristin C. Gunsalus, Yuval Gottlieb
Mating induces an immune response and developmental switch in the Drosophila oviduct (2008)| PNAS| Read more
Yael Heifetz, Ifat Nezer, Noam Pilpel, Shalom W.Applebaum
Mating-increases trypsin in female Drosophila hemolymph (2008)| ScienceDirect | Read more

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