Researcher interests: Optimization for crop yields and for the minimization of ground water contamination of plant growing under saline and drought stresses. In situ (field) estimation of soil hydraulic properties. Continuous/high frequency micro-irrigation.
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Selected Publications

Alon Ben-Gal, Hamutal Borochov-Neori, Uri Shani
Is osmotic potential a more appropriate property than electrical conductivity for evaluating whole-plant response to salinity? (2009)| ScienceDirect | Read more
Alon Ben-Gal, Eviatar Ityel, Lynn Dudley, Uri Shani
Effect of irrigation water salinity on transpiration and on leaching requirements: A case study for bell peppers (2008)| ScienceDirect | Read more
Alon Benā€Gal, Effi Tripler, Lynn M. Dudley, Uri Shani
Plant response to the soil environment: An analytical model integrating yield, water, soil type, and salinity (2007)| AGU100 | Read more

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