Researcher interests: Hormone signal transduction and responses (gibberellin and cytokinin).
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Selected Publications

david j weiss, hosny zoabi, moshe hazan, David Weiss
women s liberation as a financial innovation (2019)| Journal of Finance| Read more
david j kupfer, david j weiss, ellen frank, giles hooker, matthew finkelman, paul a pilkonis, robert d gibbons, tara l moore, David Weiss
computerized adaptive diagnostic test for major depressive disorder (2019)| PsycTESTS Dataset| Read more
david j weiss, jennifer a bellingtier, manfred diehl, David Weiss
being respected and admired in old age dynamics of social status and aging (2019)| Innovation in Aging| Read more
david j weiss, David Weiss, xin zhang
multiple sources of social status in old age the role of age groups and generations (2019)| Innovation in Aging| Read more
david j weiss, mona weiss, David Weiss
why people feel younger motivational and social cognitive mechanisms of the subjective age bias and its implications for work and organizations (2019)| Work, Aging and Retirement| Read more
david a hufnagel, david j weiss, edgar x sherman, eileen m burd, jesse t jacob, jessie e wozniak, monica m farley, sarah w satola, siddharth jaggavarapu, victor i band, David Weiss
antibiotic combinations that exploit heteroresistance to multiple drugs effectively control infection (2019)| Nature microbiology| Read more
david j weiss, john g oetzel, joshua m bentley, lindsay van meter, sayyed fawad ali shah, tamar ginossar, David Weiss
early impact of the patient protection and affordable care act on people living with hiv a systematic review (2019)| Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care| Read more
anthony g pannullo, craig d ellermeier, david j weiss, ute muh, David Weiss
a xylose inducible expression system and a crispr interference plasmid for targeted knockdown of gene expression in clostridioides difficile (2019)| Journal of Bacteriology| Read more
david j weiss, neil e olszewski, vai s lor, David Weiss, xiaojun kang, zhiguo zhu
characterization of a semidominant dwarfing procera allele identified in a screen for crispr cas9 induced suppressors of loss of function alleles (2019)| Plant Biotechnology Journal| Read more
david j weiss, edgar x sherman, jessie e wozniak, David Weiss
methods to evaluate colistin heteroresistance in acinetobacter baumannii (2019)| Methods of Molecular Biology| Read more
Eilon Shani, Hadas Ben-Gera, Naomi Ori, David Weiss
Cytokinin Regulates Compound Leaf Development in Tomato (2010)| ASPB| Read more
Mechanisms of Cross Talk between Gibberellin and Other Hormones (2007)| ASPB| Read more
Atsushi Hanada, Katherine McKelvey, Marina Varbanova, Roy Borochov, Shinjiro Yamaguchi, David Weiss, Yue Yang
Methylation of Gibberellins by Arabidopsis GAMT1 and GAMT2 (2007)| ASPB| Read more

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