Researcher interests: Behavioral and pollination ecology. Foraging theory. Cognitive, ecological, and genetic aspects of decision making in bees. Cognition-mediated coevolution. Conservation of bees. Honey bee breeding.
DEPARTMENT: Entomology
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Selected Publications

Saul Burdman, dafna tamirariel, Zvi Hayouka, heli bochnictamir, Sharoni Shafir, shiri topman, tal stern bauer
random peptide mixtures as new crop protection agents (2018)| Microbial Biotechnology| Read more
Arnon Dag, Sharoni Shafir, yael arien
omega 6 3 ratio more than absolute lipid level in diet affects associative learning in honey bees (2018)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more
Eyal Maori, Haim Kalev, ilan sela, niv sabath, osnat malka, rita mozeskoch, Sharoni Shafir, vered kunik, Yael Garbian
a transmissible rna pathway in honey bees (2018)| bioRxiv| Read more
geraldine wright, Sharoni Shafir, susan nicolson
nutritional physiology and ecology of honey bees (2018)| Annual Review of Entomology| Read more
Arnon Dag, harmen hendriksma, mor salomon, Sharoni Shafir, shlomi zarchin
honey bees dance faster for pollen that complements colony essential fatty acid deficiency (2017)| Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology| Read more
eyal benchanoch, Eyal Maori, gal yarden, ilan sela, Sharoni Shafir, Yael Garbian
methods and compositions comprising dsrna for controlling varroa mites in bees (2017)| | Read more
eyal benchanoc, Eyal Maori, gal yarden, Haim Kalev, ilan sela, Sharoni Shafir, Yael Garbian
composicoes para controlar acaros varroa em abelhas (2017)| | Read more
allouche, azmon, baras, martin goldway, raphael stern, sapir, Sharoni Shafir, stern
synergistic effects between bumblebees and honey bees in apple orchards increase cross pollination seed number and fruit size (2017)| Scientia Horticulturae| Read more
harmen hendriksma, Sharoni Shafir
honey bee foragers balance colony nutritional deficiencies (2016)| Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology| Read more
eisikowitch, londonshafir, Sharoni Shafir
amygdalin in almond nectar and pollen facts and possible roles (2016)| Plant Systematics and Evolution| Read more
Arnon Dag, dorit avni, harmen hendriksma, Sharoni Shafir, uni, Zehava Uni
nutritional aspects of honey bee collected pollen and constraints on colony development in the eastern mediterranean (2014)| Journal of Insect Physiology| Read more
a proactive approach for assessing alternative management programs for an invasive alien pollinator species (2013)| Ecological Economics| Read more

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