Researcher interests: Photosynthesis; metal homoeostasis processes; molecular biology of metal transporters. Chloroplast proteomics.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

hanan schoffman, Nir Keren
function of the isia pigment protein complex in vivo (2019)| Photosynthesis Research| Read more
hagit zer, Nir Keren, ofir weinstein, Omer Murik, oren ostersetzerbiran, ori fragmansapir, Oren Ostersetzer - Biran, Sofia Shevtsov
the complete plastid genome sequence and the photosynthetic activity of the putative mycoheterotrophic orchid limodorum abortivum (2019)| Israel Journal of Plant Sciences| Read more
Alon Angert, frances diana pitt, hagar lis, Nir Keren, tal weiner
phosphate uptake by cyanobacteria is associated with kinetic fractionation of phosphate oxygen isotopes (2019)| ACS Earth and Space Chemistry| Read more
Nir Keren, yossi paltiel
photosynthetic energy transfer at the quantum classical border (2018)| Trends in Plant Science| Read more
gergana kostova, hagit zer, jens georg, Nir Keren, ketty margulis, laure sultan, wolfgang hess, yoram shotland
resequencing of a mutant bearing an iron starvation recovery phenotype defines slr1658 as a new player in the regulatory network of a model cyanobacterium (2018)| Plant Journal| Read more
hagai raanan, isaac kedem, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Omer Murik, treves
the alga that never read the literature fastest growing photodamage tolerant alga isolated from desert crust (2018)| | Read more
antonio tiburcio, Asaph Aharoni, Doron Eisenstadt, haim treves, Ilana Rogachev, isaac kedem, isabel orf, jedrzej szymanski, joachim kopka, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Omer Murik, ruben alcazar, sagit meir
metabolic flexibility underpins growth capabilities of the fastest growing alga (2017)| Current Biology| Read more
chana kranzler, Nir Keren, nivi kessler, Yeala Shaked
enhanced ferrihydrite dissolution by a unicellular planktonic cyanobacterium a biological contribution to particulate iron bioavailability (2016)| Environmental Microbiology| Read more
hagar lis, hanan schoffman, Nir Keren, Yeala Shaked
iron nutrient interactions within phytoplankton (2016)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
hagai raanan, haim treves, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, martin hagemann, moriz koch, nadav oren, Itzhak Ohad, simon berkowicz, yoram shotland
towards clarifying what distinguishes cyanobacteria able to resurrect after desiccation from those that cannot the photosynthetic aspect (2016)| Biochimica et Biophysica Acta| Read more
alessandra norici, hagai raanan, hagit zer, haim treves, isaac kedem, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, mario giordano, Itzhak Ohad, Omer Murik, simon berkowicz, yoram shotland
the mechanisms whereby the green alga chlorella ohadii isolated from desert soil crust exhibits unparalleled photodamage resistance (2016)| New Phytologist| Read more
adam faust, adrien thurotte, anja kriegerliszkay, fabrice rappaport, hagai raanan, ido eisenberg, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, leeat bareyal, Itzhak Ohad, pierre setif, reinat nevo, yossi paltiel, ziv reich
an easily reversible structural change underlies mechanisms enabling desert crust cyanobacteria to survive desiccation (2015)| Biochimica et Biophysica Acta| Read more
chana kranzler, francois morel, hagar lis, Nir Keren, Yeala Shaked
iron bioavailability to phytoplankton an empirical approach (2015)| The ISME Journal| Read more
chana kranzler, hagar lis, Nir Keren, Yeala Shaked
a comparative study of iron uptake rates and mechanisms amongst marine and fresh water cyanobacteria prevalence of reductive iron uptake (2015)| Life| Read more
hagai raanan, haim treves, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Itzhak Ohad
chlorella ohadii and uses thereof (2014)| | Read more
alex berg, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Itzhak Ohad, simon berkowicz
photoinactivation of photosystem ii is there more than one way to skin a cat (2011)| Physiologia Plantarum| Read more
Dan Tchernov, hagai raanan, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Itzhak Ohad
light induced changes within photosystem ii protects microcoleus sp in biological desert sand crusts against excess light (2010)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Doron Eisenstadt, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Itzhak Ohad
changes in the photosynthetic reaction centre ii in the diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum result in non photochemical fluorescence quenching (2008)| Environmental Microbiology| Read more
Yuri Feldman, ido eisenberg, Nir Keren, popov, Shira Yochelis, yael kurzweilsegev, yossi paltiel
confined water dynamics in a hydrated photosynthetic pigment protein complex ()| Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics| Read more
fabian brandenburg, hanan schoffman, Nir Keren, marion eisenhut
determination of mn concentrations in synechocystis sp pcc6803 using icp ms ()| BIO-PROTOCOL| Read more
dvir harris, felipe caycedosoler, ido eisenberg, Nir Keren, martin plenio, noam adir, Shira Yochelis, susana huelga, yossi paltiel
regulating the energy flow in a cyanobacterial light harvesting antenna complex ()| Journal of Physical Chemistry B| Read more
dan ohad, Nir Keren, nir ohad, noam adir, susana geifmanshochat
itzhak ohad 1930 2016 ()| Photosynthesis Research| Read more
ido eisenberg, Nir Keren, Yossef Paltiel, Shira Yochelis
light harvesting antenna complexes ()| | Read more

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