Researcher interests: Molecular dynamics using time dependent quantum mechanical methods. Laser selective chemistry by shaping ultrafast light pulses. Tunneling of molecules as a novel mechanism of heterogeneous catalysis. Quantum thermodynamics in finite time.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

aviv aroch, kallush, Ronnie Kosloff
quantifying the unitary generation of coherence from thermal quantum systems (2019)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.03992| Read more
alan santos, changkang, chuanfeng, guangcan guo, jinming cui, Ronnie Kosloff, roie dann, yunfeng huang
experimental verification of the inertial theorem (2019)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.00404| Read more
christiane koch, daniel reich, Ronnie Kosloff, liat levin, zohar amitay
quantum control in ultrafast coherent bond making (2019)| Quantum Information and Measurement (QIM) V: Quantum Technologies| Read more
ander tobalina, Ronnie Kosloff, roie dann
shortcut to equilibration of an open quantum system (2018)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1812.08821| Read more
amikam levy, Ronnie Kosloff, roie dann
time dependent markovian quantum master equation (2018)| Physical Review A| Read more
Ronnie Kosloff, roie dann
the inertial theorem (2018)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.12094| Read more
Ronnie Kosloff, roie dann
stochastic laser cooling enabled by many body effects (2018)| Journal of Physics B| Read more
amikam levy, anthony kiely, Ronnie Kosloff, muga, torrontegui
noise resistant quantum control using dynamical invariants ()| New Journal of Physics| Read more
benny carmeli, david furman, Ronnie Kosloff, Yehuda Zeiri
enhanced particle swarm optimization algorithm efficient training of reaxff reactive force fields ()| Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation| Read more
aroch, kallush, Ronnie Kosloff
optimizing the multicycle subrotational internal cooling of diatomic molecules ()| Physical Review A| Read more

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