Researcher interests: Many-body Brownian dynamics simulations. Reversible diffusion-influenced reactions. Ligand binding to heme proteins. Excited-state proton transfer. Proton mobility. Water structure and dynamics. Proton-wires in proteins. Prehistory of Semitic languages.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Noam Agmon, Francesco Paesani, Gregory A. Voth, Hanning Chen, Omer Markovitch, Sergei Izvekov
Special Pair Dance and Partner Selection: Elementary Steps in Proton Transport in Liquid Water (2008)| ACS publication| Read more
Kinetics of Switchable Proton Escape from a Proton-Wire within Green Fluorescence Protein (2007)| ACS publication| Read more
Noam Agmon, Omer Markovitch
Structure and Energetics of the Hydronium Hydration Shells (2007)| ACS publication| Read more

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